Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


This week, we will be starting to write our own sci fi story, starting with a setting description of a space ship!





Today we will be using expanded noun phrases to describe the interior (inside) of a space ship! An expanded noun phrases is where you use two (or more) adjectives, separated by a comma, to describe a noun.


For example...


The florescent, neon lights on the control panel flashed quickly from red to amber.


The tarnished, worn steel of the cockpit walls was starting to rust at the corners.


Your task:


Write a range of sentences (at least 6!) describing different parts of the space ship. You can use the picture sheet I've provided below for inspiration, borrow ideas from Orion Lost, or come up with some of your own! Make sure each sentence contains at least one expanded noun phrase.


You can record your ideas using the worksheet, a piece of plain paper, or the Purple Mash blank template.


Today we are going to use or sentences from Monday an improve them by adding relative clauses to include extra information.


A relative clause can be attached to an independent clause and uses a relative pronoun such as which, who, thatwhen, or whose.




The pale grey teleporter began to emit a low pitched whirring sound, which meant that the power was starting to fade.


The captain of the ship, whose name was Kirk, stood in front of the escape capsule with a look of fear on his face.


I have underlined the relative clauses in these examples, and coloured them red!


Your task:


Take the sentences that you wrote yesterday (or add some new ones!) and improve them by adding a relative clause. You can do this on paper, on yesterday's worksheet, or on a Purple Mash Blank template. Remember, you will be writing a setting description about the inside of a spaceship, so write sentences that you will be able to magpie when you write on Thursday!


If you need some extra support, look at the relative pronoun help sheet below, and watch the BBC bitesize video on relative clauses!




Today we are going to make a plan for writing.


You are going to be writing a setting description imagining that you have just woken up from sleep pod in deep space. You will describe the space ship that you find yourself in when you wake up.


Watch the clip from the movie 'Passengers' as the main character James Preston wakes up from hibernation!

James Preston wakes up!

Your task:


Complete the planning table to help you with your writing.


In the first column, write a list of the things (nouns) you will describe in your space ship setting.


In the second column, write down any adjectives that you will use to describe the nouns.


In the third column, add any additional figurative language you might use in your writing - for example, similes, alliteration, or personification!

Thursday & Friday

On Thursday and Friday we are writing and editing our setting descriptions! Make sure that you include expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, and lots of other description!


Read my WAGOLL for some ideas, re-watch Wednesday's video, and use the plan that you made to remind you of everything you can describe inside the space ship.


Use the checklist to ensure that your writing includes all the features that I'm looking for!