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Today we are using prepositions to describe Stig’s cave. Follow the video to learn what a preposition is, identify prepositions and to use prepositions in sentences. Remember, we’re going to use this setting description in our diary writing this week. Ensure you write in first person – you ARE Barney!



Use the preposition word mat below to help you with your writing.

For a tricky challenge, use the green sheet.

For a trickier challenge, use the blue sheet.

For the trickiest challenge, use the yellow sheet. 

Monday Use Prepositions



Today we will be using a story map to plan a diary entry based on chapter 1 of Stig of the Dump when Barney meets Stig for the first time.

Watch the first 11 minutes of ‘Stig of the Dump: part one’ on YouTube up to where Barney says ‘He’s my friend.’


Afterwards, watch the video ‘Tuesday Plan a Diary Entry’ which will explain your task to you. You can then complete the task either on Purple Mash or on blank paper.

Stig of the dump Part one

80's version and the best one with Keith Jayne as Stig of the Dump. I've split this into five 25 min episodes.

Tuesday plan a diary entry



Today we are going to write the introduction to our diary entries. Watch my shared write of my introduction. Have a spare piece of paper and a pencil to hand to write down any ideas, words or phrases that you like and would help you when writing your own introduction.


I have made a mistake with a capital letter in the video! This is a mistake I see in our work often. Can you spot it?

Wednesday write an opening to a diary entry



Today we will finish writing our diary entry. There are five parts left and each part should take you 10 minutes. Take your time and ensure you use the success criteria to help you. Watch the video to give you some reminders before you start!


Use the preposition, adjective and adverb word banks below to help you. 

Thursday writing a diary entry



Today is split into two parts. The first is editing and improving our diary writing and the second is a spelling task. They should each take about half an hour.

To edit and improve, watch the video which takes you through the steps of editing and improving. After you have edited and improved your writing, ensure you send us a picture!

For your spelling task, look at the activity sheet below and follow the rule.

Friday Edit and Improve