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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Celebrating Reading!

Reading gives your imagination wings!

At Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School, we love to read! 


We read because we love to learn new things. We read because we like to escape and visit new worlds. We read because it gives us time to relax. We read for pleasure!

We read at home, we read in our classrooms, we read in the library, we read on the playground, we read on our own, we read to each other. We read anywhere!


Reading Awards 22.23

Glade Hill's Reading Spine 20.21

At Glade Hill, we recognise that great readers become great writers! This year all the staff have worked hard to select engaging, challenging and inspiring books to use as a stimulus for our reading and writing units. We've kept some firm Glade Hill favourites, but added in some newer texts by up-and-coming authors whose writing we really value and enjoy. These are the core texts which children will study, and know inside out by the end of the half term. These books inspire the topics we study in class, as well as the writing outcomes the children produce. Alongside these texts, children will also get the opportunity to read other supportive texts which will help teach them key reading skills or teach them key writing skills.

Take a look at the core texts each year group will be studying by clicking on the link above!

School Improvement

KS2 Reading for Pleasure Survey

In November 2019, we asked all of our Year 3 to Year 6 pupils to complete a survey all about reading for pleasure. The survey was adapted from The National Literacy Trust's Reading for Pleasure Survey for KS2 children, as well as adding in our own questions to elicit key information we needed. Reading is a main focus for school improvement this year and this survey was conducted to baseline children's attitudes and preferences, as well as to support us in continuous school development and improvement. We recognise the impact that reading for pleasure has on pupils' academic achievement, plus their wellbeing, and therefore this was the main focus for this survey. There are some incredibly positive results from the survey as well as some responses which have helped us to plan for further improvements to reading at Glade Hill.


Follow the link below to see the full results of the survey.


KS2 children's favourite authors:


Our 'We Love To Read' Basket!

Ever had to wait to get picked up from school? Waiting to speak to a member of staff? Then take the opportunity to enjoy a good book while you wait!


Our love to read basket is located in our school office waiting area!


Can you think of any other good books your family like to enjoy which you'd like to see in our basket? If so, let me know!



Celebrating Reading - Our Reading Displays!

Pupil Council Library Visit!


This year Pupil Council have been finding out what Glade Hill pupils think about our school library. We have decided to reignite the library's status in school and revamp it over the year. Pupil Council have been asking the opinion of their classes but this week they have been to visit another school's library to gain ideas on how we could improve or change ours. 


Here are our Pupil Council exploring the Harry Potter themed school library at Dovecote Primary School. There was much to enjoy and many gasps as they walked in! Take a look for yourselves...

Library Action Plan:

Here the children have set out what they would like to achieve in our library redevelopment this year, in consultation with pupils and staff in school. Pupil Council have been responsible for collecting pupil voice and the librarians are contributing to the library's transformation. 

Rewarding Reading!


Reading Reward Scheme (EYFS, Y1, Y2, Y3)


(Read Every Day, Talk Every Day)


How it works:

- Children are expected to read at home to an adult 3 or more times a week (which will need to be recorded in their reading diaries by an adult).

- Teachers will check reading diaries (on a set day each week) and if your children have read three times they will get a sticker on their teddy bear in their classroom.

- Children have to work towards earning ten stickers on their chart in order to win their RED TED reading award - their very own teddy bear!

- After that the children will get a new teddy bear chart and the process will begin again but this time they will be working towards winning a book to read to their teddy bear!

- This will repeat until they have filled their third teddy bear chart with ten stickers, and if they achieve this, they will earn a storytelling reward! A picnic with a storyteller, where they get to listen to lots of amazing stories!



Reading Reward Scheme (Y4, Y5, Y6)


How it works:

- Children are expected to read at home to an adult 3 or more times a week (which will need to be recorded in their reading diaries by the adult).

- Teachers will check reading diaries (on a set day each week) and if your children have read three times they will get a sticker on their Bronze book mark.

- Children have to work towards earning ten stickers on their bookmark in order to win their Bronze reading award - a personalised pencil. They will also be rewarded with a reading certificate.

- After that the children will be working towards achieving a Silver reading reward so the process will start again and they will need to collect ten stickers on their silver bookmark in order to be awarded with a new book!

- Once they have achieved this the process will repeat again until they have been rewarded with the Gold reading award - a trip out to Waterstones with the Head Teacher to buy their own book! And if it's sunny, maybe even have an ice-cream in Market Square!



Teachers can also hand out two parent reading awards in each class, each week to say thank you to those parents who are hearing their children read frequently at home. Look out - the teachers may be displaying the names of the winning parents/carers on their classroom windows!

Reading Awards


 Take a look at the reading prizes available for our children to win for their RED TED 1 or Bronze reading award! We have some NEW teddies for Year 2 and 3! Lion, Monkey and Dog!


The children who will win these awards have read three time a week (or more!) for ten weeks! A great achievement!

Websites to support with reading:

Below are links to websites which can help support families and children in choosing books they would like to read. Some of these websites have book lists such as 'new releases' or 'current favourites'. Others have book reviews written by children for children. And others have reading competitions your children can get involved in. Take a look and be inspired today!

Local libraries:

A great way to develop a love of reading with your children is to take them to their local library, register them as a member, explore the shelves and let them borrow a book to take home and read. Follow the links to your local libraries below and check out what they have to offer.