Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Home Learning W/C 4.5.20



This week for Maths there will be an addition and subtraction activity to complete on MyMaths each day. If you cannot access MyMaths please get in touch and I can resend login details.


There are also the weekly White Rose activities which I have attached below. 



Reading comprehension challenges for this week is attached below. Each text has three difficulty levels - look for the stars in the bottom corner of each version. Answers are included.


Also, take a look at this website:


There are hundreds of free audiobooks available to listen to, including Harry Potter!



For spelling, punctuation and grammar this week, have a go at these activities on homophones, expanded noun phrases, and direct speech.



Watch the short film 'Taking Flight':


I'd like to you to create a piece of writing (or more than one, if you want to) based around this film. Here are some ideas - you could:


  • Re-write the story in first person from Tony's point of view
  • Re-write the story in the third person, and change some of the adventures, adding in new ones of you own
  • Imagine that you have found Dad's old diary in the garage - what might he have written about when he played with Grandad when he was young?
  • Write a diary entry from Tony when he gets home that day


You don't have to use these ideas - be as creative as you like!




Research 'life cycles' on BBC bitesize:


Then, using the resource below, can you show the life cycle of an animal of your choice? This could be a pet like a cat, dog or hamster, or perhaps something more exotic...

Purple Mash


There will be a new 'to do' on your list to complete every day this week - make sure you click submit when you have finished!

History / Creative Project


This week, as part of our Ancient Greece topic, I would like yo to research Ancient Greek soldiers, or hoplites. You can show what you find however you like - in a poster, a written piece, or maybe even diagrams!


If you feel like getting creative, I'd like you to have a go at making your own hoplite shield! You can use any materials you like to do this. Here are some ideas...


This weeks activity challenges are below!