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Summer 2: All about me

This half term our theme will be, ‘All About Me’. We will be learning all about, the life cycle of humans, our senses and the importance of looking after ourselves and staying healthy. We will be looking at our baby photographs and noting at how we are different now, compared to when we were a baby.  (Please can you bring a photograph into school or email it to We will be reading the books, Monkey Puzzle, Funny bones and Amazing. We will be using these books in order to cover many practical and creative activities which will excite, engage and enhance your child’s learning. In PSED, the children will be learning all about other people’s feelings, learning how to resolve our own conflicts and developing the skills on how to face changes and new challenges that we might face.  The N2 children will be having their transition visits to F2 and there will be lots of preparation to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible. In Maths we will be re-visiting, pattern, shape, measure as well as ordering, partitioning and subitising numbers 0-5. In phonics we will continue to learn initial sounds, rhyme, blending and segmenting words. We will also be having a visit from Imagine Avenue where we will be able to explore and use our imaginations through play. In PE, we will be practising our sports day skills ready for the big day.

We are sure your child will enjoy this final term of the school year.  Remember to check Tapestry and the website regularly where there will be lots of information about what we have been learning.

Steve Antony reads Amazing

Enjoy Steve Antony reading his book Amazing, which has been shortlisted for the BookTrust Storytime Prize.

Storytime for kids read aloud - Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson

The Monkey Puzzle Song signed with Makaton

Julia Donaldson and her husband Malcolm perform The Monkey Puzzle Song with Makaton signs.

Funny Bones by Janet & Allen Ahlberg. Funny, charming Children's story. Audiobook Read-Aloud.

A charming story about a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton, who live in a cellar. Bored one night, they set off for a dog walk and to frighten somebody, but nobody is around, everyone's asleep! They manage to have fun anyway! Music: Youth Musician: @iksonmusic

The Skeleton Dance

Get the Super Simple App for iOS! ► A super simple song for learning parts of the body. Great for Halloween, or anytime of the year! Listen to Super Simple Songs on Spotify: Listen to Super Simple Songs on Apple Music: Or, just ask your smart speaker to play Super Simple Songs!

Suggested reading

A fun few weeks

What a fantastic last few weeks we have had. We have been super busy. We have still been looking at what makes us healthy and what foods to eat. Some children have brought in vegetables that they are growing in their gardens. We also enjoyed being busy outdoors with our new bowling set. We have been very creative making lots of models including rockets and houses. Imagine Avenue came to visit us and we had lots of fun roleplaying in all the different areas. Sports day was a fabulous and everyone ran so fast. Well done everyone for a fabulous end of term!


Imagine Avenue

We were so lucky to have a visit from Gemma and Alice, they brought all of their fantastic toys to stimulate our imagination. There was a police station, spa, post office, supermarket and so much more. We loved dressing up in all the outfits, delivering parcels and relaxing in the spa. We had so much fun. Thank you to Gemma and Alice at Imagine Avenue.


(w/c 17.07.23)

Sports Day



You were all fabulous on sports day! We are so proud that you all joined in and ran super fast. We enjoyed three fabulous races including a running race, bean bag balance and a cone on the head. Well done everyone!

Similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends


This week we have been looking at all the differences and similarities between ourselves and our friends. We have been comparing eye colour, skin colour, hair and so much more. We then decided to use card dolls and decorate them as ourselves using transient art. We painted our hands to make hand prints and then decorated these to make our own creatures. We decorated paper plates to look like our friends. We've also spent this week doing lots of yoga which we all love. 

We spent lots of time outside this week again enjoying the weather. We built our very own tent which we loved using to hide in, to use for role play and to use as shade out of the sun.

What a fabulous week we have had learning all about ourselves and our friends.


w/c 3.07.23

Funny Bones and Sports day practice


This week we have continued to read the story Funny Bones. We have been painting our very own skeletons. We have also been talking about how to keep our bodies healthy through exercise. The children have told us all about their swimming lessons, football training and dance classes.

We have started to practice and get ourselves ready for sports day. Practicing our races and getting into our teams. We have also had lots of fun outdoors in the sunshine and have been very creative in our box modelling area. What a fantastic week we have had. 


w/c 26.06.23

Funny Bones

This week we have started a new story called Funny Bones. We have been retelling the story in our funny bones themed reading corner. We have also been cutting out the different characters from the story and using split pins to stick them back together. For science we have been drawing around our bodies and labelling the different parts. We also looked at life cycles of humans cutting out pictures of different aged people and sticking them in order.  In maths we have been using the interactive whiteboard to match quantity to numbers. 

In our home corner, we were given a new chef outfit, so we have been roleplaying restaurants and cafes and making lots of delicious meals. We have continued to share the lovely photos that you have been sending in, including gorgeous baby photos. 

What a fabulous week we have had looking into our new story!


w/c 19.06.23


Father's Day

This week we have been busy making fathers day cards and talking about why we love our Daddy/Mummy so much and why they are so special. 

We have continued reading Monkey Puzzle and learning more Makaton signs to use when we sing the song.

We had a new fine motor activity this week, where we had to use scissors and hole punchers to cut up different sized leaves. We have also used our scissors skills to cut out monkeys and create a monkey jungle scene. In our construction area this week we have had a big focus on planning what we want to make. We have had a go at drawing what we want to build first and then using our plan to make the best model.

We have really enjoyed learning in our outdoor classroom with all our new resources. We have been making pirate ships, drawing around our bodies, using our new water wall and much more.

What a fabulous week we have had!


(w/c 12.06.23)

Monkey Puzzle

This week we have been looking at the story Monkey Puzzle. We have been looking at the different animals in the story and using these as puppets to help us to retell it. We have also been learning the Julia Donaldson Monkey Puzzle song and the signs that go along with it.

We have used our ICT skills this week to decorate a butterfly on the interactive whiteboard, as well as using paints to decorate butterflies and other characters from the story.

In phonics we have been rhyming, segmenting sounds and looking at the phoneme 'p'. In maths we have been learning how to sort different objects with regards to object, size and colour.

We have also asked you to bring in baby photos and have been looking at the pictures that have been sent in, what beautiful babies thank you for sharing!

We have also enjoyed looking at the photos and videos you have been sending in of activities you do outside of school.

What lovely weather we have had for our first week back, we have made the most of being outside as much as possible!


w/c 5.06.23

Monkey Puzzle Song

Still image for this video