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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

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We are GOLDEN and we SPARKLE!




We are Readers and Writers


This term we are learning about and exploring the icy, cold Arctic and Antarctic.


We are using different media such as non-fiction books, video clips and photos to help us find out some new facts about Arctic animals and their living conditions.


We are going to be writing our own non-fiction text, labelling diagrams and trying to include sub-headings in our work.





We are Mathematicians


This term in maths we will be exploring sharing shapes and numbers.


We will learn to share numbers into groups of two, three and five.


Using our number skills we will learn to understand the number story to match our new knowledge and record our findings. 


We will be able to understand the language 'whole', 'half' and 'quarter' and start to share shapes in these ways. 

We are Scientists 


This term we are learning about seasonal changes.

We will make a weather chart to see what different weather we see and how it makes us feel.

We will look at different clothes to wear for the different seasons and use appropriate language such as cold, rainy, icy and sunny.

We will be able to name and sequence days, months and seasons. 



We are Artists 

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Phonics in Bluebells


At Glade Hill we teach phonics using the ‘Little Wandle’ (previously ‘Letters and Sounds’) systematic synthetic phonics scheme. This systematic approach teaches our children to use synthetic phonics as a strategy to support them in becoming fluent readers and confident writers. This rigorous approach is adopted throughout school to ensure consistency and progression, including in our Nurture groups.


Children in Bluebells are taught daily discrete phonics lessons and are encouraged to apply their knowledge. For some children this is part of a small group and for others is 1:1. The children also receive precision teaching of tricky words. For some children, their reading books are supplemented with the use of Makaton signs and symbols. This is a specialist approach advised by outside agencies including Speech and Language Therapists and the Nottingham City Learning Support Team.

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