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Summer 1: Old MacDonald had a Farm

Old MacDonald had a Farm

This half term we will be learning all about farms. We will be reading three books: “Farmer Duck”, “Farmyard Hullabaloo” and “The Farmyard Jamboree”. We will be covering many practical and creative activities around the books in order to excite, engage and enhance your child’s learning.


In PSED, we will be learning how to play cooperatively with our peers and how to resolve any conflicts we may have amicably. In Science, we will be learning about animal lifecycles and how to care for living animals, linking our investigations to our farmyard books.


In Maths, we will be linking numerals and amounts to 5, and comparing amounts and weights using “same, fewer, more, heavier and lighter”. We will also be re-visiting pattern, shape, measure and subitising. In Phonics, we will continue with rhyming, recognising initial sounds and learning to segment and blend phonics in our head.


We are sure your children will have a really exciting half term and please remember to keep checking the website where you can see lots of photographs and updates about your child’s learning.

Knowledge Organiser

Farmer Duck - Martin Waddell

Farmer Duck isn't like a regular duck, he runs the farm where he lives because the Farmer who owns all the animals is too lazy to do it himself. One day the animals decide to band together and make a plan to put a stop to the Farmer's laziness.

FARMYARD HULLABALOO | Giles Andreae | Read aloud #storyoftheweek

FARMYARD HULLABALOO book | Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz | Read aloud by Miss Ellis #storyoftheweek Farmyard Hullabaloo is a great rhyming book by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz and read aloud by Miss Ellis. Come down to the farmyard for a noisy, rhyming animal adventure in this colourful read-aloud picture book!

The Farmyard Jamboree | Barefoot Books Singalong

The Farmyard Jamboree | Barefoot Books Singalong ➡️ 🛒 BUY THIS BOOK ON AMAZON: Want more? (Click SHOW MORE below 👇) ⭐ Our favorite video: 🛒 Buy this book: 👣 Find out more: Stay in Touch! 🔔 Don't forget to subscribe! 👍🏽 Join our community: ▶️ Check out this playlist!