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Monday Romans Day resources

Our topic this half-term is the Rowdy Romans and we will be exploring the impact that they had on the British Empire and how they influenced British culture, technology and our landscape. We will learn about how they successfully invaded; about examples of British resistance such as through Boudicca, and we will reflect upon how the Romans have impacted our lives today. We will take on the role of historians to deduce and infer Roman ruins and artefacts.


Over the course of today, you will be taking part in a range of activities to discover more about the Romans. To find out your tasks for today, have a look at the task outline poster below.

Romans Day task outline

Task 1

To kick start our Romans Day, use the video link below which will direct you to a Horrible Histories video all about the Romans!


Task 2 - Roman numerals


Using object around the house, I would like you to recreate the Roman numerals. I have use lolly sticks but you can be creative and use whatever you can find! Don't forget to send some pictures. Once you have done this, head over to Purple Mash and complete the task set. 

Task 3 - Who were the Romans?

You are going to be exploring a variety of different Roman artefact to infer some information about who they might have been. You will need to record your thoughts and inferences in the table. Head over to Purple Mash to begin your exploration. 

Task 4 - Where did the Romans come in history?


For this task, you are going to be figuring out where the Romans came in history. Over on Purple Mash, you will find a range of different historical events, you will need to put these in chronological order. 

Task 5 - Roman Shield


For this task, I would like you to design and make your very own 3D Roman shield. Don't forget to send in some pictures of the fabulous work you create!