Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum

Monday - Picture News

This week we are thinking about the question 'Do walls divide us or protect us?'


First, watch the online assembly video:

Next, read through the two resources for additional information on this week's story:

Finally, choose one of the activities from the learning at home sheet below to complete. The choice is yours, but I particularly like the idea of measuring the perimeter of a room at home, or researching historical walls.

Tuesday - Geography


This half term in Geography we will be learning about fieldwork and conducting some fieldwork of our own!


To  get started, this week we will learn why geographers do fieldwork, what it is, and what different types of fieldwork there are.


Follow the link to the Oak National Academy lesson to get started. Watch the video, and then complete the quiz questions.


Finally, head over to Purple Mash and complete the '2 do' called 'Geography Fieldwork - What I've learned'. Write a short paragraph about what you have learned about fieldwork.

Wednesday - R.E.


This week in R.E. Mrs Carey would like you to do some research on pilgrimages in different religions.


Read through the presentation below, and the research some facts on the religion of your choice.


You can present your findings on the Purple Mash template called RE Pilgrimages.

Thursday - Science


This half term in Science we will be learning about forces.


This week I would like you to watch the Oak National Academy lesson called 'What are Forces?'


Once you have watched this, I would like you to complete the activity on Purple Mash called 'What are Forces?' to show what you have learned.

Friday - Art


This half term in art we will be learning about a style of art called Pointillism.


This style was made famous by the artist Georges Seurat, and involves using many small dots of paint to create an image.


Read through the introduction to pointillism below, and look closely at the examples.


Then, have a go at your own artwork in pointillist style - you can draw whatever you like - how about what you see from your bedroom window?


You can use whatever medium you like - pencil crayons, felt tips, or even paint applied with the end of a cotton brush. If you don't have art supplies, you could easily create a pointillist masterpiece using Microsoft paint!