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Covid-19 School Communication & Arrangements

Covid 19 Isolation flow chart

Risk assessment for School hall performances - November 2021

Covid-19 Guidance from September 2021


As has previously been communicated, schools are no longer expected to trace close contacts.  As with positive cases in any other setting, NHS Test and Trace will work with the positive case to identify close contacts.  This means if a positive Covid case is identified – school will no longer be responsible for alerting close/direct contacts and closing classes.


I have outlined below some advice for you for different situations:


What if…

Action to be take:

My child has Covid symptoms….

Child should self-isolate and book a PCR test


A child has Covid symptoms in school….

We will call you, the child should self-isolate and we will ask you to book a PCR test


We do a LFT and it is positive…

Let school know, report the LFT positive test online, child to self-isolate and book a PCR test


My child has a positive PCR test result…

Let school know and continue to self-isolate for 10 days.  NHS Test and Trace will contact you for details



This means we will not automatically close a class if there is a confirmed positive case.  However, we will inform parents/carers in the classes where there is a confirmed positive case.  Children under the age of 18 years old will no longer be required to self-isolate unless they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace. However, identified close contacts are eligible for a PCR test and the NHS Test and Trace service will advise you if this is the case for your child.  We would encourage all individuals to take a PCR test if advised to do so.


If your child receives a positive PCR test please forward the evidence to the school office by text or e-mail so that we can record your child's absence accurately.


Please contact the School Office if you require any further information.


Important Covid-19 Documents - applicable from September 2021

Letter from Ms Sheppard



Dear Parent/Carer


You will be aware through media reports that a coronavirus variant of concern has been identified as becoming more widespread in parts of the country, including Nottingham.  We have been informed that this variant has been identified at Henry Whipple Primary School which obviously is in close proximity to Glade Hill and our community.  I have been reassured by Nottingham City’s Public Health Team that they are working closely with our colleagues at Henry Whipple and their school community.


I am writing to all Glade Hill parents to reassure you that we are all remaining vigilant in school and I would ask you to do the same in the community.  Our staff and children are working hard to remember good hygiene practice as well as staff undertaking regular testing.  Please can we remind you of the ongoing government advice regarding ‘Hands, Face, Space’ and ask you to remain socially distanced when picking up your children from school.


Please remember that if your child has any symptoms of coronavirus – a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of taste or smell – they must not attend school until you have evidence of a negative PCR test.  If anyone in your household has any of the above symptoms then everyone in the household must self-isolate until a negative PCR test has been obtained.  Please inform school of any absence and we will advise you if you need support with testing.  Schools are required to report positive cases to Public Health England and the Local Authority.


Please note that the Lateral Flow tests that are freely available can be used regularly by all families.  However, they should only be used when you do not have symptoms as an indication that you are not asymptomatic.  If your child is displaying any of the symptoms above you must book at a test centre for a full PCR test and inform school of the result.


Further advice regarding the different types of test can be obtained from


We hope that you will support us fully in ensuring that we do all we can to prevent this virus spreading and keep our families safe.


Kind Regards


Ms Sheppard

Head Teacher

Easter Covid arrangements

Parent/carer lateral flow test information

General Details for School Opening - 8 March 2021

Updated Covid 19 whole school risk assessment. March 2021

All parents should have received a copy of the above letter by e-mail.  The general details apply to all children but please note that some of the arrangements will be slightly different for part-time EYFS children and some other children.  These details will be in your individual e-mails.


Remote Education Strategy Plan January 2021: Information for Parents

Please open the document attached above which sets out the plan for remote education provision in a variety of scenarios. Inside the document you will find all the information you need to understand how we will be delivering remote education and how we can support families with this.


Further update:

As of May 17th, we will be making the following changes to our Remote Education Policy:

- Scenario 1: we will no longer be providing Remote Education each week on our class web pages for those self-isolating. If your children are having to self-isolate, please inform the school office and teachers will be in contact with you to provide Remote Education if your child is well enough to learn from home. 

We will keep you updated with any further changes to our Remote Education policy as and when Government guidelines change. 

Christmas 2020 Covid arrangements

Updated Risk Assessment November 2020

Covid-19 - Catch Up Funding Statement

Remote Learning Strategy Plan September 2020

Please note that this Remote Learning Strategy Plan will be reviewed if Government guidance changes, and if the situation evolves. We will inform parents if we make any changes to the routines and practices of remote learning. 

Risk Assessment for Full Re-Opening of Schools September 2020

Please note that this risk assessment is constantly under review and may be subject to change as the situation evolves.  We will keep parents and carers fully informed of any major changes to our school routines and practices.

24 July 2020


School has now broken up for the Summer Holidays.  We hope that all parents, carers and pupils have a great Summer Break and are refreshed and ready to come back to school on Thursday 3 September 2020.


You should have received information about the arrangements for September for your child, by e-mail in the last week.  If you have not received this information, all the letters can be found under 'Children-Class Pages-September 2020 Arrangements'.  There are also some powerpoint presentations there to explain the new routines.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the School Office by e-mail through the Contact Us page on this website or directly at

These e-mails will be responded to from w/c 24 August 2020.


Enjoy your Summer and see you in September




1 July 2020


From 6 July we will be welcoming back our EYFS pupils for the last 3 weeks of term.  It has been really lovely to see our Yr 1 pupils back at school and our 'pod' set-up is working well.


We are now working through the Government guidelines for the re-opening of school in September 2020 and will be in touch with all parents over the next few weeks to let you know the arrangements for transition and what school will look like in September.


Thank you for your continued support


Loretta Sheppard

Head Teacher

17 June 2020


Dear Parents


We were given the go ahead to welcome back Yr 6 pupils from Monday 15 June and I am very pleased to see that over half of the year group have returned to school.  They are being taught in their smaller 'pods' and making use of the outdoor space throughout the day.


The Local Authority have now agreed that we can continue with the wider opening of school to identified year groups (see letter below).  Our plan at Glade Hill is to open to Yr 1 pupils from Monday 22 June and then our EYFS pupils will follow at a later date.  We are confident that we have put in all necessary measures to ensure that the children are as safe as possible in school within the government guidelines.  We hope that as more children return to school, parents will support us in reinforcing the messages on social distancing and good hand hygiene.


As I have stated in previous correspondence this has been a very difficult time for us all and we appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in to support your child with their online learning.  For all of the children that are not able to return to school yet the teachers will still be providing online learning and we would encourage you to keep going with this.  We will be in touch over the coming weeks about how we can support transition for all children ready for September.


Kind Regards


Loretta Sheppard

Head Teacher


1 June 2020


Dear Parents,
You may be aware that an announcement was made on Friday 29 May 2020 by the Local Authority and Local Councillors regarding schools re-opening and we attach the letter that accompanies this announcement.
On behalf of Glade Hill I want to apologise for the unacceptable late notice for parents for Nottingham schools to remain CLOSED to more children from Monday 1 June.  I also want to reassure you that Glade Hill staff have worked incredibly hard over the last week during what is normally half term, to ensure that every precaution had been taken to ensure we had followed strict Health and Safety guidelines from the Government and Department for Education.  However, the Local Authority have listened to concerns from communities and seen latest data and have decided that schools should not continue to open just yet. 
As we have not been able to open as planned to Yr 6 children from today and we have not been given a date for re-opening to more children this may impact the dates that EYFS and Yr 1 children can return to school.  We will keep you informed and as soon as we know any further details we will contact you again.  Glade Hill remains open for children of key workers and identified children.
We will continue to keep in touch with you.
Take care
​Loretta Sheppard

Head Teacher

1 June 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


On behalf of the Governing Body, I am writing to apologise for the short notice that the School would not reopen to Year 6 today.


The letter from Nottingham City Council and the email from Ms Sheppard set out the circumstances for this decision.


Ms Sheppard and her staff had worked incredibly hard to prepare a plan for the phased reintroduction of pupils to the school. The Governing Body fully supported this plan and unanimously approved it earlier last week, subject to the overarching approval by the City Council that the reopening could proceed.


I do not believe any of us doubt that the Council took this difficult decision with everyone’s best interest at heart but the timing of it was very unhelpful to all concerned.


The Governors remain hugely grateful for the commitment and professionalism of the teachers throughout this lockdown period and I know they share everybody’s disappointment that we have been unable to start the phased re-opening today.


I will today write to the City Council to express our frustration at the timing of this decision and to request that the future go/no-go decisions are made with greater notice to all parties.


We very much look forward to safely welcoming back the children to Gladehill. In the meantime, I hope that you and your families remain safe and well.


Mr Boddington

Chair of Governors

Behaviour Policy Addendum