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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum




Wider Curriculum


I can identify healthy and unhealthy food, and say how much of them I should eat.



Famous Person Study.  Find out about Florence Nightingale


Art:  Pop Art:  Andy Warhol


18.5.20 Week 5


Project (on going):  Create a 3D model of a nocturnal animal.


Science – can you grow some potato and carrot tops? cut the tops off the potatoes and carrot and sit them in a shallow bowl of water. wait to see what happens!


Art:  see resource sheet below for ideas for making a vegetable and fruit collage.



11.5.20 Week 4 


Wider Curriculum

Project (on going):  Create a 3D model of a nocturnal animal.


Science: Day and night

Watch the video about why day and night happens.  Try to recreate this using a torch and a ball. 


Art:  Create a sunrise/ sunset picture on 2Paint (Purple Mash) or using paint/ paper or collage






Day and Night || video for kids

Picture 1


Picture 1
Picture 2



Wider Curriculum

Project (on going):  Create a 3D model of a nocturnal animal.


Science:  ‘The dark’ exploration.  What gives us light?  



Explore the web links to research and Find out about the artist ‘Vincent Van Gogh’.  We will be beginning to explore his painting of ‘Starry Night’.


Use the silhouettes to add your own city to a night sky.






Get creative!


You could create a 3D model of a nocturnal animal?


What can you find out about them?  What do they eat?  Where do they live?

Wonderful Work

Wonderful Work 1

Science Light Sources



BBC bitesize has a great video exploring light sources.  Click on the link below for the lesson.


What sources of light can you find at home?

Science Light and Dark resources

Art: Vincent Van Gogh


We are going to be studying the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh this half term, looking in particular at his painting of 'Starry Night'.  What can you find out about Vincent Van Gogh?  Below are some links to research him as well as some activities you could try to recreate his work.


Kids Can Draw: Starry Night Age 6-12




All about 'Feelings'.


What feelings do you know?  When do you feel these?  Who can you ask for help if you don't know how to respond to your feelings?


Lesson 1 helps us to:

  • Identifying and talking about feelings
  • Understanding how feelings affect behaviours


Tell the alien all about what you know.  There are some word cards to help you talk to your grown ups about when you might feel in a particular way.