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Maples' Home Learning Gallery!

Home Learning!


This page is just to showcase some of the fabulous home learning that is going on in Marvellous Maples. If you have photographs of you working, of work that you have created, or anything else that you would like to share with the rest of the class, email it to Mr Winter and it will be shared here!

Some excellent writing from Abbey! I love the designs on your page as well!

Abbey's incredible ocean work!

Morgan's Fabulous French for Miss E-T!

An Update from Abbey...


Hi Mr Winter 

I decided to make a garden in a pot out of an old broken pot we had. The plants we used are from a range of plants called succulents. The ones we have are called Sempervivum. 


It was difficult to make as I had to think of a way to stop the compost falling out. Was harder than it looks... I particularly like the steps up the side. 

Hope you like it too. 


From Abbey 



An Update from Charlie...



Hi Mr Winter,


I have been researching how to make a candle from an orange peel and olive oil. I decided to give it a go and as you can see it was very successful. I've also been doing some word searches.


See you soon,



An update from Aaron...


Hi Mr Winter,

I've really enjoyed all the work this week. I spent a long time researching about sharks and France. Here are some pictures of my work. 


Also for Mrs E.T I have found out 5 facts I found interesting about France:

1. Population 66.99 million (2019)

2. There is a mini Statue of Liberty in Paris

3. There’s only one stop sign in the entire city of paris

4. It is against the law to carry love snails on a high speed train in France without their own tickets

5. The oldest bridge in Paris is called the New Bridge

We are looking forward to next weeks work!




Morgan's French challenge - Miss E-T will be impressed!

Charlie's shark report!

Amelia's ocean food web!

Morgan's food chain!

An update from Abbey...


Hello Mr Winter and Mrs Buxton 


Hope all OK. I'm back into my learning this week, and love finding out about the Sea Turtles. And tomorrow I'll be working on the ocean food chain. 


It was my birthday in the half term, and we toasted marshmallows on our log burner and stayed out late drinking hot chocolate, watching the bat's flying. 


I also did some gardening for my Nan as it was full of weeds and planted some pretty flowers for her... She stayed in the kitchen and watched from the window. 

An update from Alfie...


Hi Mr Winter,

Yes I have seen the Esio Trot movie, my mum saved it on sky for us when it was Christmas. I've been watching the David walliams films too and have a few of his audio books. I've just got the midnight gang too. 

We've had a nice half term, bike rides, cooking, playing outside lots and I've been doing lots of drawing which I've enjoyed. We've watched lots of Adam Sadler films (he's my favourite) and also jurassic world. 

We watched the failed launch and then watched the launch on Saturday which I was really interested in. 

We have also planted our own tomato seeds and have small tomato plants now. 

I hope you are okay. I have started my work again today, I did hammer head sharks and some my maths. 


Take care,


Alfie Guise 

Morgan's been busy in the kitchen!

News from Daisy!


Daisy has spend some time over half term building these awesome Lego mazes! 

An update from Morgan...


Hi Mr Winter and Mrs Buxton,

Hope your both well and keeping safe. Thank you for all the fun work you have been setting for me. I’m very thankful for being kept busy at this strange time. I’ve been doing my ice skating over zoom calls and now I’m a juvenile crossover which means that I will skate for Ice-pops and the next team up which is called juvenile. So that now means when we eventually go back to ice skating I will be training twice the amount. I’ve also said thank you to my mum and dad for everything that they have done for me and my ice skating coaches for also keeping me busy and helping me with my ice skating. A couple of days ago we did some baking, we baked a chocolate cake and a sponge cake. We also all went fishing 🎣 and me and Riley caught lots of small fish but Harley then caught a massive fish and me and Riley were a bit jealous 😂 until me and Riley caught a massive fish it was the same type of fish. After that, we all just kept catching tiny and small fish and it was really fun. I would love to hear what you guys have been doing and now that’s one challenge ticked of my homework.

From Morgan

An update from Aaron...

Hi Mr Winter

I hope like my top trumps. The gods v the beasts.

My favourites are Hydra and Kitsune. 



Some excellent literacy work from Morgan - a story plan, and some great dialogue!

A brilliant tea cup design from Abbey!

An Update from Alfie...


Hi Mr Winter,

I just wanted to let you know I'm still trying my best with my home Learning. Mum Prints off work from the class page and I also do my maths and tt rockstars. I also help my little Brother and sister with their work.


I bake lots too and we go for a walk every day. Me and my dad go on bike rides when he's not working. I like To Listen to Audio books every night, my favourites are esio trot and billionaire boy


I miss not playing football with my friends, but mum says home is the safest place for us now so I'm happy being at home. 


Heres a few pictures


From Alfie Guise 

Angling Ace Morgan's catch of the day!

Kayson working hard at home!

VE Day Teacups from Morgan and Ameila!

An excellent presentation from Amelia about penguins!

Anisa has created these wonderful information posters about Earth Day! Brilliant!

Charlie is still taking his piano lessons via Zoom! Sounds great!

Still image for this video

Some superb homework this week from Abbey: a wonderful piece of writing based on 'Taking Flight', and the life cycle of a butterfly!

Happy Birthday Lillie-Mae!

An Update from Abbey...


Hello Mr Winter & Mrs Buxton 


This week I've been busy doing my school work projects, I particularly liked the Taking Flight story.


Also I have my dance, this picture is me doing my Tap on line. I also have Ballet, Modern and Acro to follow on my Classroom app. 


I have also been helping at the Bestwood Park Church Community Kitchen, who do dinner deliveries twice a week to the elderly during the lockdown. 



Morgan's diary entry based on the 'Taking Flight' film - super work, well done!

A fascinating look at the life cycle of a poisonous dart frog - thanks Charlie!

Charlie's Grand Canyon information poster! Excellent work, well done!

Amelia's Groovy Greeks poster!

More hard work!


A special mention to all our children and teachers at Glade Hill who are still coming into school and working just as hard as ever!


Well done Callum, Amelia and Tyra, and thanks to Miss Sidebottom for the photographs!

An Update from Charlie...


Hi Mr Winter 


I've written a piece on the Greeks - after researching them I found out that they also suffered a pandemic. We have also been doing some chemistry where I used lemon juice to do invisible writing and when it had dried used heat (an iron) to go over it and reveal the secret message!



Charlie's Work!

An Update from Aaron...


Hi Mr Winter,


Hope you are ok; I've been loving not being at school lol.


I've been working hard doing all my work books.


I'm hungry all the time and have started growing some plants for a Cubs badge.


I've been watching a lot of Horrible Histories to help with my Groovy Greeks poster. It's really funny and stupid deaths is the best.


When we take Sam for a walk, I steal my Dads phone to hunt Pokémon. Gotta catch em all.



See you soon,



Aaron's Groovy Greeks poster!

Morgan hard at work this week! Keep it up!

An update from Abbey...


Hi Mr Winter & Mrs Buxton 

We are doing a variety of learning from my work book and the Groovy Greeks to painting rainbow flags for the garden 🌈 

I also have on line tutorials from my dance teacher to keep me busy. 

Abbey's Groovy Greeks project! Wow!

An update from Lillie-Mae...


Hi mr winter, we hope you’re keeping safe, here are a few pictures from today! We started learning about ancient Greeks and the gods that came from there! How the Olympics started and about their traditions! We also did some maths!

See you soon & keep safe 


An update from Alfie...


Hi Mr winter


I hope you are okay. I've been trying hard with my work so wanted to let you know. Here are some pictures. 

We've been baking and getting lots of exercise on the trampoline and wii fit. (I helped build the trampoline) We go for a walk every day past my mamma and grandads house and take them things we've baked, but we can't get close enough for a hug. I miss my mamma's dog Geordie. 

We made rainbows and stuck them to the window, we go out to clap every Thursday with our neighbours at a distance. We have made dens and basket ball nets from cardboard boxes. We helped my dad with gardening and found a toad and made him a new home. I have sent you some pictures.


Stay safe


Alfie Guise 

Nice Shot!

Still image for this video

Clapping our Key Workers!

Still image for this video

Charlie has used his ICT skills to create an excellent Ancient Greece poster, well done!

Morgan's Groovy Greek poster - loads of ideas and information, and beautiful presentation!

Charlie hard at work on a Space story!

Daisy and Dan getting busy!

Morgan working hard, and working out with Joe Wicks!

Charlie smashing his spellings!