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Week Beginning: 13th July


This week's maths home learning is a little bit different. For the last few weeks of Year 1 we are going to practice answering word problems. You choose and answer 1 every day and send a picture of your answer to me to have a look at! 

Good Luck Brilliant Bonsais x

Summer 2: Wk/b 29th June 2020

Math's No Problem Challenge of the week

Challenge 9


This is a brand new maths challenge that starts every Monday. I've attached this week's maths challenge and the rules for your grown ups. If you complete every day this week, and email me your answers you will get a special prize!


This week's focus is: near number bonds!

Good Luck Brilliant Bonsais smiley


Miss Newman's number bonds to 20 recap song

Hey 20, you've got a lot of friends (The Friends of 20) is a fun sing along song for children about The Friends of 20. The song contains all the addition com...

Subitising bridging 10

Miss Newman's number in the middle challenge

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Learn with Mr Strachan

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Finding Half with Miss Newman

Fractions with Miss Newman

Follow along with Monday's learning, alongside Miss Newman! :)


We are now all signed up to Numbots, the Year 1 version of Times Table Rockstars. I have sent everyone's usernames through Marvellous Me but if you have lost it or haven't received one then please email me.


I've been playing along as well so let's see who can beat me!!!

Are you a Maths Superhero?

Remember to defeat a Superhero you must be quick!

We have been learning how to double numbers.  Can you roll a dice and double the number?  When you can, try working out near doubles using doubling facts. 

For example, if 5+5 = 10 then 5+6 = 10 and 1 more (11)

We love using our baking trays to help us with this so check out the APP called Number Frames. It works in the same way.  You can download it to an ipad or iphone. 

Show your grown-ups how we use them.


SUBITISING with Mr Strachan

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This little video shows you what subitising is and how to do it using the ten frame APP. (which is free to download)
Mr Strachan has made it very fun for you!

So open up the APP and play along.



Pig is a classic ‘push your luck’ game as you have to choose whether to end your turn and bank your points or whether to keep going and risk losing points. The mathematics skills involved hit a number of objectives which I’ve explained at the bottom of this sheet.

You will need,

  • Two Dice (or roll one dice twice!)/dice rolling app
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • 2 or more players

Aim: Be the first person to reach 50 points. 

(you can change the target number)

Game rules:

Roll the dice once each. Highest score goes first.

On each turn you only have two choices, to continue rolling your dice or to ‘pass the pig’.

You can roll the dice as many times as you want – just don’t roll a 6. When you roll the dice whatever you score adds onto your previous total unless either of your dice is a 6. If you roll a 6 you lose all your points from that turn and your turn is over.

When you ‘pass the pig’ you bank your points from that turn and pass the dice on to the next person. Those points are now safe.

When someone reaches 50 points they win.

Mr Strachan's Challenge

When you need some 'snack time' why don't you put Numberblocks on.  It covers all the key concepts we are learning; making 10, part-part-whole, adding on, counting back, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  (Can you do this forwards and backwards?) and shapes.