Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum


In science we will be learning about the movement of Earth in space, and how this causes night and day.


Read the information on the powerpoint, and watch the video. THen, I'd like you to describe how the rotation of the Earth causes night and day, using the words from the word bank.


If you look in the 'to do' list on purple mash, you will find a template to write your work on if you cannot print the work sheet.


To carry on the work you have been doing with Mrs Carey on Hinduism, you will be looking at the karma cycle this week.


You will be drawing your own version of the Karma cycle on plain paper.


Each week we will be looking at a new mindfulness exercise to practise at home.


Try this breathing exercise if you're feeling stressed or worried!


This half term we will be looking at the abstract artist Peter Thorpe.


Read through the PowerPoint and look at some examples of his fantastic work on space, and then have a go at drawing your own rocket or space ship! 



Here are some links that you might find helpful...

Picture News


This week we are looking at how the armed forces can help us in times of need.


Read through the resources with your grown up, and then think about how you could use some of the ideas from the learning at home resource sheet!