Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Design Technology at Glade Hill

Our Design and Technology curriculum is one that promotes aspiration, ambition and enthusiasm among our pupils, whilst giving them opportunities to research, design and work with technology and materials that will allow them to broaden their experiences and acquire new skills. We follow KAPOW Primary’s Design and Technology curriculum, which is designed based on the skills and knowledge identified in the National Curriculum. This ensures that the skills that are taught are progressive and build on one-another, through our teacher’s delivery of sequential lessons.


Our curriculum is taught alternatively with art, where each year group will study four units throughout the year.  In Early Years, DT is taught through continuous provision, alongside specific skills sessions, both of which allow children to explore cooking, mechanisms, structure and textiles. This ensures that our children have a good starting point with their DT knowledge and skills, before building on these in Year 1. In KS1, these units are the four units from KAPOW for their year group: food, structures, mechanisms and textiles. In KS2, all years 3-6 are taught the food and digital world units, whilst the other units are alternated between 3 -5 and 4 – 6. Years 3 and 5 are taught mechanisms and textiles units, whereas 4 and 6 are taught structures and electrical systems units. This allows for full curriculum coverage of Design and Technology throughout KS2, with a progression of skills.  


The D+T progression map is not published on our Website due to copyright.