Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


This week we are going to be writing a short Science Fiction story based on a short film called 'Invasions'. It's a story about a small, blue alien making its way to Earth, and sending a message back home!

Monday: Creating a story map


Start of by watching the film 'Invasions'. You can watch this in the window below, or follow the link to watch it on YouTube.


Once you are familiar with the story, I'd like you to create a story map, breaking the plot down into six parts. This will help you to think about what you need to write for your story


For each part of the story, you need to include a picture and some text to explain what is happening at that point in the story. You can draw your pictures by hand, or snip these from the video if you are working on a computer.


I've started one off for you below - you can carry on with mine, or start a new one! If you want to have more than 6 boxes in your story board, just use more than one sheet.

Tuesday: Reading Comprehension - Crop Circles


In the Invasions film, we see the alien creature using technology to create artistic looking crop circles in a field. What are crop circles? Many people have asked that question!


To help us find out more about crop circles and who (or what) makes them, we are going to complete a reading comprehension about them today.


Carefully read the text, and then answer the vocabulary and multiple choice questions. All of the answers to the vocabulary questions can be found within the text!

Wednesday: Character Word Bank


Today you are going to mind map descriptive language to describe the main character in the story - the alien.


Around the image of the alien, record descriptive language that you will use in your story. This should include:


  • Adjectives
  • Expanded noun phrases (e.g. the creature swam through the dank, deserted sewer system)
  • Similes (e.g. its turquoise skin glistened under the desert sun like the surface of a lake)
  • Personification (e.g. the clouds danced across the summer sky)
  • Powerful verbs 
  • Single words or phrases


On the worksheet, I have started you off by adding some ideas!


Once you have created your word bank, use an online thesaurus (link below) to find synonyms for some of your language.

Thursday: Setting Word Bank


Similar to yesterday, we are going to create another word bank today, this time for setting. There are a few different settings in the story, but we will focus on:


  • The desert
  • The house
  • The secret control room


Just like yesterday, your challenge is to surround each image with appropriate descriptive language that you can use whilst writing your story tomorrow. I have included some of my own ideas on the sheet to start you off!

Friday: Writing your own 'Invasions' story


Today you are going to write your own version of 'Invasions'!


Use your story board and re-watch the video to remember everything that happens in the story.


Re-tell the story in your own words! It's fine if your story is slightly different to the video - it is your own version and you can change it in any way you like, as long as it still has all the right ingredients for a Sci Fi story!


Use my checklist below to make sure your story has everything I'm looking for!