Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Wider Curriculum

Monday: Picture News

This week in picture news we are thinking about the question...


'What makes a good leader?' 


This is very important question to consider, especially with the political changes that are happening in the USA at the moment!


Read through the resources that are attached for this week, and then choose an activity to complete from the ideas for home learning sheet.


 I particularly like the idea of creating your own prime minister's timetable!

Tuesday: Music

This week in our music lesson we will be learning about 'pulse' and 'beat'.


Follow the link to watch both lessons from Nottingham Music Hub, and complete the quiz questions on the page!



Wednesday: RE

This week in RE we will be learning about the creation story that Hindus believe.


Read through the story, and answer the questions once you have finished.


You can write these on paper, edit the word document, or use a Purple Mash template to record your answers.

Thursday: Science

This week in Science we will be thinking about the question 'What is the Solar System?'


I would like you to complete the Oak National Academy online lesson.


This includes:


  • An introductory quiz
  • A video lesson
  • A work sheet (attached below)
  • An assessment quiz.


Please follow the link to start learning!



Friday: Geography

As we continue to learn map reading skills, we will focus on grid references this week Using grid references makes it much easier to find what you are looking for on a map, and is an essential skill in geography!


Read through the PowerPoint presentation to learn all about 4 and 6 figure grid references, and then use the map and questions to put your skills to the test!


I have also included an answer sheet so that you can check your work.