Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Common Questions and Answers

What time does school start/ end?

We usually open the classroom doors at 8.45am and Parents/ Carers are asked to bring children into the EYFS unit. After you have helped your child put away their coat etc you are encouraged to share a story with them. This is also a time that you can pass on any quick messages to staff. If you need a longer conversation  with a staff member please make an appointment to see them at the end of the school day, when we have more time to listen. A member of staff puts some music on at 8.55am and this is the time for grown ups to say goodbye and children to sit in their 'Family Groups', ready for registration. The end of the school day is 3.05pm and Parents/ Carers are asked to collect children promptly from the classroom entrances. 

What is the uniform?

The uniform is black or grey trousers/ skirt / dress with a white or light blue polo shirt underneath a school jumper or cardigan. The school cardigan/ jumper has our 'Glade Hill' logo on it. The school office stocks some uniform including: cardigans, jumpers, book bags, PE bags and fleeces. Supermarkets are great places for picking up trousers, skirts, polo shirts and PE kit. Children will need a plain white T-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls/ trainers for PE, which should be kept in bag with their name on. Please ensure all pieces of clothing have your child's name written on them. Children often muddle their clothes up, especially after changing for PE! We ask that children wear shoes with buckles or velcro, if possible, as shoe laces can cause accidents when they come undone. 

When are the school holidays?

The school calendar can be found in the 'Parents' section on the main page of the school website

Does school offer before and after school care?

We offer a Breakfast Club from 7.45am. Bookings and payment for this is made through the school office. We do not offer any after school care.

How can I prepare my child for starting school?

It would be really helpful for you to focus on developing your child's independence. Please encourage them to dress independently, which will help them when changing for PE. Please keep in mind whether your child will be able to do fastenings on clothing independently when you are buying their new shoes and winter coats too. Shoe laces and toggles on duffle coats can be particularly tricky! It would also be great if your child were able to recognise their name, so that they can find their belongings easily. We find many children start school struggling to use a knife and fork properly, so practising with those would be good too.

         Sharing stories and reading to children at home is extremely beneficial to their language and communication development, which in turn makes learning to read and write easier. Not being able to hold a pencil comfortably is often a barrier to children's writing development. It's important to build up muscle strength in the hands and fingers to be able to do this. Playing with play dough and lego etc is great for this. Mrs Gadsby made a great video for making home made play dough during Lockdown, which can be found by following the link below. She has also made a 'Dough Disco' video to show you one way you could use the play dough.