Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Week Beginning 3.5.21


We are continuing to learn about decimal place value this week. Please complete the activity 'Decimal Places' on MyMaths.


We are starting to plan our diary entries this week, and will be learning how to write consistently in the first person - the narrative style of a diary entry. Read through the presentation about first, second and third person writing styles. Next, read my WAGOLL which is written in the third person. Can you re-write this in the first person, as if it was a diary entry?



This week in History we will be learning about Ancient Greek City States, particularly Athens and Sparta and the difference between them.


Read through the presentation about life in Athens and Sparta, and then write a short paragraph comparing the two city states.


You might find this Horrible Histories video entertaining and informative!

Historical Wife Swap | Groovy Greeks | Horrible Histories