Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

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In PSHE we’ve been exploring what makes a good friendship and what to do if people feel excluded.

We are scientists: we’ve loved carrying out a comparative enquiry to find out the impact of sugary drinks on our teeth.

We are athletes: we’ve developed our passing skills this week in netball, thinking carefully about when to use a bounce, chest or shoulder pass.


Platinum Jubilee Picnic

What have we been up to?

In science, we've continued to enjoy our learning all about teeth and digestion. We loved watching the videos sent into us by a dentist in Wales and America. They taught how to keep our teeth healthy and what their top tips for Outstanding Oaks were. In french, we've been learning about different family members, and practiced asking each other questions and answering about our siblings. We also had a very exciting Thursday getting back into our trumpet lessons. To round off our week, we learnt about the differences between playful teasing, hurtful behaviour and bullying in PSHE. We looked through different scenarios and decided in groups where we'd put these and why. Finally, we finished our Friday afternoon off with our art lesson, where we continued to practice our drawing skills, using our shading skills, and thinking about dimension, perspective and proportions.

What have we been up to?

We have loved delving into our comparative scientific enquiry this week to find out the impact that sugary drinks have on our teeth. We can't wait to see the results next week and find out if our predictions were correct. In English, we've been reading 'The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane,' and wrote our own diary entries to show his terrible experience so far. In geography, we've been developing our mapping skills to help us locate South America and its countries. In our art, we're studying the work of Giorgio Morandi to create our own still life art. We're working hard to practice our shading, dimension and proportion skills. Stay tuned for our final outcome laugh.