Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Extension Tasks

If you finish your work early, these are all tasks you can be getting on with. 



Below are the yellow, blue and pink spellings lists. 

Please practice the spelling list you are on. If you are not sure which spelling list you are on, email me and I can remind you. 


Maths - Show it, Draw it, Tell it, Connect it 


Below is a resource which we use often in school. In the centre, you could write any calculation (a multiplication, division, addition or subtraction). Then have a go at filling in each box.

In the show it box, you could represent your calculation using any equipment you have. In the draw it box, draw a picture to represent your calculation. In the tell it box, write a number story. In the connect it box, have a go at connecting it to other maths you know. You could also use a fact family. 

Foodmaker and Shopkeeper 


This is a virtual tour that Morrisons have created about their products and where they come from. It is very informative and fun! 

After you have finished watching, have a go at the question sheet below!

Foodmaker and Shopkeeper

Watch the video and complete the worksheet below.

Explorify Birds


Explorify have put together some activities about birds for all different age groups. Check out the link below. It includes some questions you can ask children whilst watching the nature videos, as well as some hands-on activities such as how to feed them.

25 non-screen activities 


Below is a sheet with 25 activities you can complete without looking/being at a screen of any sort! They are great for getting creative and having fun!