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Yr 2 - Wonderful Willows

Welcome to Wonderful Willows!

Summary of Learning




Wider Curriculum

Monday:  Re-read the story of Traction Man is Here and think about what Traction Man might be thinking at different parts of the story.

Fill in the thought bubbles


Tuesday: Grammar: Introduction to speech marks

Pop the bubbles and write the speech in a sentence.  Use the example to help you.


Wednesday: Grammar


Read the two diary entries and discuss what is different about them.  Which is more effective?  Can you find the adjectives?


Thursday:  Writing

Write a WOW sentence for each part of the story given.  Continue to plan your own adventure!


Friday: Writing

Complete your own diary entry for Tractions Man’s day. 

Please log onto My Maths for 5 activities to complete 1 daily.


Each task has a lesson and questions.  Please ensure your child ‘hands in’ their homework task for me to see!


Other resources/ Practice:  Superhero Maths/ TT Rockstars

See links in Maths home learning tab.






How to keep healthy through our diet. 


History:  Comparing hospitals of Victorian Britain and those of today


Design and Technology:

Make a rainbow fruit kebab


Art & Design: 

Design your own Superhero Mask, jet pack or picture!


PSHE:  My Happy Place




Lesson 1: Somewhere over the Rainbow


Music lesson from Nottingham Music Hub


It's the final Summer term and I'm excited to share all your learning with you!


There has been lots of 'superheroes' helping us in our communities at the moment... which made me think about a very important BIG QUESTION...


Do all superheroes have special powers?


This half term we are going to be exploring 'Superheroes', thinking about what makes them special and what powers we each have in order to be superheroes ourselves.  We will be thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy and also finding out about 'Florence Nightingale', who was a famous nurse from many years ago... I hope you enjoy!  Miss Lee x


Summary of Learning




Wider Curriculum

Monday:  Reading

Read along to the story of Traction Man.  Make a list of all the things you find out about him.

What other ‘superheroes’ do you know?  What do they do?  Do they have special powers?


Tuesday: Grammar

Which ‘there’

Complete the sentences using the correct ‘there/ their or they’re’


Wednesday: Plan your writing

Invent your own superhero


Thursday: Writing: Sentence structure

Up level the boring sentences


Friday: Writing

Write about your own superhero.

Please log onto My Maths for 5 activities to complete 1 daily.


Each task has a lesson and questions.  Please ensure your child ‘hands in’ their homework task for me to see!


Other resources/ Practice:  Superhero Maths/ TT Rockstars

See links in Maths home learning tab.



Additional Resources have been made available if you are unable to access MyMaths online


Multiplication Focus

Science: I know what is healthy and unhealthy


I can say how much of certain foods I should eat


History:  Famous Person Study


Find out about Florence Nightingale


Art:  Pop Art by Andy Warhol



Please click the stars below to access all the resources for each curriculum area.

Our BINGO winners!

Half Term BINGO!


Happy half term Wonderful Willows!  This half term we are going to have a game of BINGO!  Make sure you email me/ take photos of your activities when you have completed a LINE or a FULL HOUSE!


Most importantly, have fun!

Miss Lee



How to make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle

SUBSCRIBE ► Bird feeders are an incredible way to get a close look at birds. There are plenty of bird feeders available to buy, but yo...

Message from Miss Lee 15.5.20

Picture 1
Picture 1



Friday 8th May is a bank holiday to celebrate 75 years since the end of the War in Europe.  Have fun celebrating with your families- maybe decorate the house or garden and have a picnic in the sun!  I have attached some resources which might help you celebrate together- I am going to try and decorate my house with the colourful bunting and have a picnic too! laugh

Draw With Rob Biddulph


Rob is an award winning author/ illustrator and whilst schools are closed is completing a series of 'learn to draw' sessions of some very cool characters!  



You can find all the videos on the link 


but you can also post and share your images on his twitter / Instragram page!  


If you send the picture to me- through the class email-  I'll also put them on our class page!  laugh


See our attempts below:

Our Amazing Efforts:

PE session with Joe Wicks


Every day from 9am, Joe Wicks will be leading a PE session for you to do in your living rooms!  Exercise is a great way to start the day laugh


Click the link to his Youtube channel below:

Picture 1

More Wonderful Websites to Support your Learning


Picture 1
Picture 1

Welcome to Spring 2


Super Safari

This half term Year 2 are going on a Super Safari!  We will be looking at the continent of Africa and exploring the features of different landscapes such as the desert, a savannah and a rainforest.  We will also be looking at African Art and music, exploring culture and traditions across the African Continent.


Science week is the week beginning 6th March.  We will be looking at the impact humans have on our habitat and reading about the effects of climate change.  We will be basing our learning around the book ‘Greta and the Giants’ and thinking about how diverse our planet is.



Class 2 are beginning to use their knowledge of the four operations to solve word problems.  For a numeracy target, we will be working hard to learn ‘by heart’ our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to defeat Batman!  Good luck Wonderful Willows! By getting better at multiplication, we will also be able to tackle division problems easily! Very helpful! J  We will also be focussing on measures- including temperature, length and mass.  You can support us with this by doing lots of measuring at home.  You could weigh out ingredients for a cake or measure the height and lengths of things around the house!     



In literacy we will be looking at writing a range of non-fiction texts, including: reports, letters and recounts.  We will be ensuring we use all punctuation correctly, conjunctions to extend our sentences, as well as ensuring our handwriting is the correct size and orientation, in relation to each other

Spring 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to Spring 1



In literacy we will be looking at narrative texts, focussing on a range of Stories by Simon Bartram.  We will be looking at writing fantastic character descriptions, thinking about our writing targets of using ‘wow’ words and improving our sentence structure with conjunctions and making our writing ‘sparkle’ through interesting word choices.



Class 2 are starting the year focusing on multiplication and division; solving word problems and finding corresponding facts.  For a numeracy target, we will be working hard to learn ‘by heart’ our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  We are already confident counters but we want to get better at recalling the facts. 

Keep using the‘Times Table Rockstars’ programme at home.  By getting better at multiplication, we will also be able to tackle division problems easily! Very helpful! J  


We are Explorers!

Wonderful Willows are looking at the big question ‘Why do people want to explore the world?’ this half term; looking at the different types of places they can visit and the famous  explorers of the past and present.  We will look at astronauts Neil Armstrong, as well as Christopher Columbus in our famous person study, comparing their adventures and the things they used to help them.



As part of our topic, we will be learning all about our bodies.  We will be thinking about the things all living things need in order to be alive.  We will be categorising whether things are alive, dead or have never been alive.



Spring 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2



In literacy we will be looking at ‘Non chronological reports through our topic of ‘Life in the Freezer’.  We will consider the features of non-fiction texts and will be producing our own reports about Polar Bears.  We are still working on our literacy Non-negotiable of being able to spell all high frequency words correctly and making sure we are forming all letters correctly in our handwriting.  Please support your child with any un-highlighted words sent home as spellings.   



Year 2 will be focusing on mental calculations and will be trying to improve their fluency in recalling number facts to 10 and 20.  Please support your child with their Superhero Maths sheets and by asking them questions such as:- What do I add to 13 to make 20?  How much change would I get from 20p if I spent 5p?



Through our topic work will be looking at the basic needs of humans and animals.  We will be thinking about life-cycles, food chains and what we need in order to survive. Our big question is…

Could a Polar Bear Survive in the desert? 


Perfect P.E kit

Black shorts/ leggings/ jogging bottoms, White T-Shirt

Plimsolls/ trainers                 P.E.  Tuesdays/ Thursdays


After Christmas we will be starting our swimming lessons on Mondays.  Please ensure they have a full swimsuit/ tight swim shorts (no pockets) in time for January.

Welcome back to Autumn 1!

Please feel free to email me with any questions


Thank you, Miss Lee




One of the most important ways to support your child is by listening to them read.  Please find time to read with your child at home, 3 times a week. Diaries will be checked and RED TED stars given each Friday.  I will be also handing out some bookmarks for your child's reading book band.  These have questions you can ask whilst reading to support your child's comprehension skills.  



This half term our literacy learning will be based around the text, ‘The Pirates Next Door’.  We will be writing our own pirate stories based on the text, concentrating on our writing targets; ensuring we are using capital letters and full stops more consistently and using adjectives to describe nouns.  In spelling we will be focusing on adding suffixes –ing and –ed, as well as recapping some of our phonics sounds to help our spelling.  The spelling sheets for common exception words will be placed in the back of your child’s diary in the next week.  Please help them practice 5 of these words a week to support their independent writing and spelling.


We will be starting the year looking at the place value of numbers to 100.  We will be looking at ways to draw representations of numbers and be able to identify the number of tens and ones a number has.  This will support our thinking when moving into addition and subtraction later in the term.  We will also be developing our arithmetic skills. 

TT rockstars will be launched in year 2.  This will support us with our times tables.  Keep an eye out for the password in the back of diaries.


Superhero Maths will continue, weekly.  Keep practising those fast recall of facts for homework!

Topic/ Science

Our topic and science learning this half term will focus on Pirates.  We will be looking into ‘floating and sinking’, as well as looking at maps and the coastline of Britain.  We will also be researching famous Pirates.  In computing, we will be learning to programme; looking at how we can control and make things move.

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