Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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MFL at Glade Hill


At Glade Hill, the core language taught is French. Pupils are taught to develop an interest in learning another language in a way that is exciting and engaging. We foster children’s confidence and resilience whilst encouraging children’s curiosity about the language learning process. We plan lessons, which develop their awareness of, tolerance and respect for cultural differences in other countries in line with British values and offer opportunities to deepen their understanding of the world through MFL. Our aim is to embed the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing throughout KS2 to enable children to use and apply French in a variety of contexts, to lay the foundations for future language learning and to equip them to travel or work in other countries.

KS1 children are also introduced to MFL informally through French and other languages when appropriate.


Our MFL curriculum is designed to progressively develop children’s skills in languages, through weekly 30-45 minute lessons. Pupils continuously encounter, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary organised around themes. With each theme, children learn new vocabulary or learn to manipulate existing language whilst continuing to conjugate key verbs and use key conjunctions and grammar concepts.

We use the ‘La Jolie Ronde’ Scheme of work ensuring coverage and progression across school and all areas of the programme of study. This is supplemented with other resources in order to maximise progress. 

Themes include:  all about myself, my world and my environment, hobbies, animals and pets.


Children develop their speaking and listening skills through drama, role-play, conversational work, songs, ICT and games. They are encourage to develop key reading skills by undertaking regular reading comprehensions in target language and to further develop their oracy skills through speaking activities and the use of French phonics.

Children record their work in their books through pictures, sentences and paragraphs. 

 Displays are used to remind children of key vocabulary for the current topic.

Songs and games from the language-learning tool TaskMagic are used regularly to practise new vocabulary and to help improve memory and recall of previously learnt vocabulary.

In the classroom, pupils greet the teacher, answer the register and complete the dinner register in French in order to expose children as much target language as possible in a day to day context.   

Visual prompts support children in translating new vocabulary.

Word lists and dictionaries are available in order to support language learning.


French is taught and monitored by the MFL subject coordinator and the PPA teacher throughout all year groups. Pupil’s attainment is in line with their potential when the varied starting points of the children are taken into account, ensuring that children are supported and challenged as appropriate.

Children are assessed by the MFL coordinator in line with national curriculum aims, through a reading, writing, listening or speaking task at the end of each topic.