Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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School Dinners

Family Service


All children in F2 (Reception) and Years 1 and 2 usually eat their dinner together, at the same time in the Lower School Hall as part of a 'Family Service'. The children sit in mixed age groups at tables of 8 pupils. A member of teaching staff or a Midday Superviser helps the oldest children on the table to serve the food to everyone. Everyone waits until all children on their table have their dinner and then the children sit and chat as they eat, just like a family dinner at home! This prevents any worries about children balancing their dinner on a tray as they walk to a table etc and really is a lovely experience. We also mostly find that even reluctant eaters are happy to eat their dinner and try new foods, as all of their friends are doing the same. The midday staff are always on hand to help any children who are struggling to cut their food etc. They will also let Teachers know if any child isn't enjoying their school dinners and we will let parents know. Children who bring a packed lunch from home also sit in the hall at the same time on a table with other packed lunch children. 

Universal Free School Meals


All children in F2, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school dinner every day. There is always a vegetarian option and we also cater for any allergies children may have. You will be able to make us aware of any dietary requirements your child has when you fill in the information forms you will be given before your child starts school. 


There is a link to a copy of the current menu choices below