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Today we are going to be designing a functional and appealing product. Developing on our research from last week about what Ug wants in a pair of trousers and why we might buy a pair of trousers, we are going to design a pair of trousers for Ug. 

Watch the video below and then design Ug's trousers!

DT - Design Trousers for Ug


This week we are thinking about special places inside places of worship. Watch the clip below.

Afterwards, think about what could be behind the door. In the story, it was magical. Some places, when we go in, feel like this. Can you think of any?

Draw a doorway, and a special place inside, and then stick an opening card door onto the image. (Have a look at the example below to help you!)

Then have a look at the sentences below. Can you complete them with your own ideas?

A special place I’d love to visit is… because...

A place where I feel very calm is… because…

A place that is sacred for others, but not for me is...

Some people think the whole earth is sacred because… I think…

I believe that religious buildings are all sacred/ are not all sacred because…

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - The Wardrobe



This week we are learning all about our muscles! Watch the video below and pause it where there is an activity for you to complete. Then, complete the ‘The Muscles’ sheet on Purple Mash. 




Create different body shapes in the air. Take a look at the resource below which will guide you through different jumps you can do. 



There are two tasks for your history lesson today that is all about the history of Stonehenge. The first is a reading comprehension that is available on Purple Mash for you. Read the text and then answer the questions.

Afterwards there is a creative task for you. Take a look at the image below. Can you create a replica of Stonehenge using different materials in your house? Or, can you use stones and create a replica of Stonehenge outside?