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Home Learning


We will be delivering your second Home Education pack this week- when the roads and pavements are safer for us to travel on. In the meantime please take a look at the extra activity ideas below and in the 'Additional Links and resources' subpage above and complete what you can. 

Look below for a sneak peek of some things inside your pack! Thank you so much to everyone who has been emailing in photos of children continuing their education at home. We know you are all working so hard- well done!

PSED- Elmer

Listen to the story. How does Elmer feel? How do all of the other elephants feel about Elmer?Everyone is unique. What makes you special? Talk about this. You could email us at and tell us too!

Listen to the song below and join in if you can!

Elmer by David McKee

'Be a Rainbow' song from Elmer the Patchwork Elephant stage show

Enjoy the incredible 'Be a Rainbow' song from the Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Show, performed by the cast. Check for details of...

Purple Mash

Remember to log on to the Purple Mash app and complete the activities set this week. I have emailed you your log-in details, but if you need them again please contact school. smiley


Activities this week:


Snowy day Learning Opportunities

1) Mark make in the snow- use sticks/ paintbrushes/ your finger to make different marks in the snow.

2) Build a snowman! Talk about the shapes and sizes you are using eg "We will need to make a smaller ball/ sphere for the head... we need 2 eyes, 1 nose. What could we use? etc"

3) Take some snow inside and observe what happens when it melts.

4) Look out of your window and draw/ paint/ talk about what you can see.

5) listen to the sounds your footsteps make as you walk in the snow.

6) Make different sized snowballs. Can you line them up in order from smallest to largest?

7) What words can you use to describe the snow? Eg cold, freezing, crunchy, fluffy, etc

8) Look at the shapes and marks made as you print different objects into the snow eg welly footprints.

9) Put on some music that reminds you of snowy days and sing along. 'Do you wanna build a snowman?!" 


Some useful links:

Tiny Happy People

There are some great activity suggestions and useful videos to help develop your child's communication skills at home. Follow the link


The DFE have written some guidance for parents for helping pre-school children learn at home.


You can find some great support at the 'Family Zone' of the National Literacy Trust website.

Picture News

Can you think of any leaders you know?

Can you play a game of 'Follow the leader' in your house?


Continue to complete the activities in your Home Learning Pack this week. It has been great to see the photos you have been emailing in of your children working hard- please keep sending them in.

There are some further activities below to keep your child busy learning at home.  

People and Communities/ PSED

Listen to the story of 'Grumpy Frog'. He only likes things and friends who are green like him. How does this make you feel? Would you like to be friends with Grumpy Frog? Does Grumpy Frog think the same things by the end of the story? Who is he friends with now? What makes you grumpy?

Miss Mills reads Grumpy Frog

Listen to the story. You could pause the video and talk about what is happening and how it makes you feel.


We are all different and unique. We don't all communicate in the same way. Some people speak English, some people speak different languages. Some people use their voices to communicate and some people use signs to communicate. Watch the video below and learn some Makaton signs. You could use them when you sing 'Old MacDonald' from your Home Learning Pack. You could watch an episode of 'Something Special' on Cbeebies to learn some more signs too! It'd be great to see videos/ photos of you practising! Email them in to 

Makaton signs

Learn some Makaton signs to use when you're singing 'Old Macdonald'

Purple Mash Activities

Picture News

Who has been helping you?

Did you join in with clapping for heroes?

Role-Play being a health worker/ supermarket worker/ other critical worker.

Write a thank you card/ poster to critical workers and put up in your window.


Your child's Home Learning Pack with activities for the next 2 weeks will be delivered to you on MONDAY 11th JANUARY.  Take a look below to see a sneak peek of some things inside your pack. We'll include all of the equipment like pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and play dough that you will need. Please keep these safe. Scroll down the page to see some extra activities and videos from staff for you too.

PSED Activity

We are all wonderful in different ways. It would be very boring if we were all the same! Listen to the story and then talk about what you like about you. You could ask your relatives about what they like about themselves too. You could email us at and tell us too! 

Miss Mills reads What I like about me! by Allia Zobel-Nolan

Purple Mash Activities this week:

Picture News

Can you write a list of what a soldier might need in their bag? Draw this or use words.

Can you make an army style obstacle course around your house?

Dough Disco

Dough Disco!

Use the playdough in your Home Learning pack to join in with this Dough Disco! It's a great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles which will help you wit...


Hello Everyone.


We are so sorry that we won't be seeing most of you in school for a while, but please know that we are still here to support you as much as we can! You should have received an email about Home Learning for Nursery children moving forward. Please click on the link below if you would like to read the details of this. We feel that work packs including activities for children to complete and equipment they will need are more age-appropriate for the Nursery children. Please help them to complete these at home when you receive your packs and remember to keep everything safe as we'd like the children to bring it to school on their return to celebrate their hard work. 


Please work through the activities below during the rest of this week, until you receive your work pack. Remember to keep checking back each week for messages from staff/ videos of staff sharing stories etc!


Please contact us at if we can help in anyway and to let us know how you're getting on/ share photos of your children working at home. We'll send them a virtual MarvellousMe badge as a reward for their hard work!


Take Care,


Miss Mills, Mrs Beet and Miss Doel

Home Learning Email Information

There are some other activity ideas below to help keep your children busy and learning at home. Please have a browse through. We'd love to hear about the activities you have tried. You can contact us via email at 

Read through the story of Mouse Paint and talk about colour mixing

Miss Mills reads Oi Frog!

Listen to the story. Can you spot the rhyming words?

Maths Challenge!

Phonic Activities/Games


Phonics is the building blocks for reading and writing and it is really important to continue to develop these skills whilst your child is learning at home. Please take a look at the activities below.