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We will be adding photographs of the fun we have been having whilst learning very soon!



Cinderella's Ball

Cinderella's Ball 1
Cinderella's Ball 2
Cinderella's Ball 3
Cinderella's Ball 4
Cinderella's Ball 5
Cinderella's Ball 6
Cinderella's Ball 7
To celebrate the end our topic on 'Once upon a time' Amazing Acorns had a Cinderella's Ball. All the children looked magnificent in their fairy tale costumes. We even learned a dance with our partners and had such a magical time.
What's up there?!
This term we are learning about 'What's up there?' and this fortnight we have been focussing on 'Aliens love underpants'. Amazing Acorns have made some wonderful art work and created some fantastic models in the Junk Modelling and fine motor areas. In Maths we have been looking at the number 4 and we have been adding 4 passengers onto our 10 frame space rocket. In Literacy we have been learning and performing a poem called 'Brief Encounters' by Clive Webster, please ask your child to perform it to will be amazed! We have added a 'Curiosity Cube' near the Parrot area and the children have been fascinated by the objects that have been in time you are around there please have a peek of what we are learning about in Understanding the World.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Handa's Surprise!


This term we have been learning about 'Food, glorious food'. We have dressed up and retold the story of Handa's Surprise and even tasted a lot of the exotic fruits that Handa gave to Akeyo. We all loved trying new and exciting fruits from across the world...we were all very brave! The Amazing Acorns have been using adjectives to describe the texture, taste and sight of the fruit. They have also been using the fruit to help count and subtract with...especially as there were lots of naughty animals taking Handa's fruit.

We look forward to learning about The Gingerbread Man and The Tiger who came to tea. Please feel free to read these stories to your children in advance to become more familiar with the text.


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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Ice Skating!


This term the Amazing Acorns have been learning to ice skate at the famous Nottingham Ice Arena. We have two groups: Torvill and Dean and each week they brave the cold to become super skaters. The children are becoming pro's very quickly and we have a big group of children skating fantastic! The staff are so proud of all the children's resilience and ambition to become 'free skaters' and especially, their behaviour outside of school.

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Picture 3
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Picture 5
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Picture 8
Picture 9

Green's Windmill Trip

In Spring Term Amazing Acorns visited The Green's Windmill to continue their learning on 'The Little Red Hen'. We had such a fun time visiting and learning about Windmills, baking some bread with wheat from the mill and, having some fun in and around the grounds. The children were able to explore the 'Discovery Centre' and discovered some facts of their own. The children, staff and parent helpers all had such a wonderful morning :)

Green's Windmill Trip

Green's Windmill Trip 1
Green's Windmill Trip 2
Green's Windmill Trip 3
Green's Windmill Trip 4
Green's Windmill Trip 5
Green's Windmill Trip 6
Green's Windmill Trip 7
Green's Windmill Trip 8
Green's Windmill Trip 9
Green's Windmill Trip 10
Green's Windmill Trip 11

Pirates Day Me Hearties!

To introduce our new topic 'Ahoy! Pirates and Island Life' Amazing Acorns had a Pirate themed day. The children and staff dressed as Pirates and our learning environment was filled with fun activities to stretch our imagination and learning even further! We also made treasure maps, hats and decorated biscuits. Pirate Pete even left us a message in a bottle and took us on a Treasure hunt around the school to find some buried treasure...Shiver me timbers it was delicious! Luckily no-one had to walk the plank and we all had an arrrrghhh-mazing day.

Pirates Day!

Pirates Day! 1
Pirates Day! 2
Pirates Day! 3
Pirates Day! 4
Pirates Day! 5
Pirates Day! 6
Pirates Day! 7
Pirates Day! 8
Pirates Day! 9