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Phonics and Early Reading

The teaching and implementation of Phonics within Early Years is essential for your child's reading and writing development and attainment, so it is vital that as practitioners we provide useful hints and tips to further that learning at home.


We would love to see parents/carers using these apps, so please add your own Tapestries of your child/ren using the games and include it in the comments section of our reading diaries.


Teach your Monster to Read app


This is a fantastic app that you can upload on your iPad or tablet at home. The app includes fun, engaging and interactive games that support grapheme/phoneme recognition, blending and segmenting skills, tricky word recognition and the reading of full sentences.


Jolly Phonics


 We use the Jolly Phonics actions and songs to teach the individual sounds (Phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs) and you have probably heard your own children sing them to you. Here is a clip from YouTube that shows you the actions and rhymes:


Oxford Owl website


This is a useful and free website that you can access from a laptop, desktop or even iPad/tablets and, it offers a variety of resources to support reading, writing and maths skills. The website has different age ranges and focuses on the skills that are within that developmental age. The Early Years section has a focus on Listening and attention, memory and Phonics and it provides useful games and strategies to use when reading at home.





Tapestry- Online Learning Journey


Every child has an online Learning Journey on the secure website 'Tapestry'. Here you will find photographs and observations of them, including ways you can help at home. Please speak to a member of staff if you have difficulty accessing your child's page. Remember to keep checking regularly to keep updated with your child's achievements and their next steps.

Letter and Number Formation


We teach the children a little rhyme/ story to accompany the formation of letters and numbers as we find this helps them to remember how to form them correctly. You can find copies of our stories below. The letter formation stories are taken from a scheme called 'Read, write, Inc'. 

Useful Leaflets and Resources


We've put together some ideas for you to help support your child's development at home. Please browse through the information below or speak to a member of staff if there is something else you would like to see here.