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Thinkuknow- supporting online safety at home.

RSE day 2020


Today marks RSE day, and the theme is 'Books we love about love'. Below, you will find an outline of activities that you can engage with throughout the day.

RSE day 25th June 2020- (relationships and sex education)

In a time like this, it's crucial that we look after both our physical and mental health. Everyone experiences challenges and emotions in different ways, and that's okay but it's important we learn how to recognise how we respond to these challenges; how to manage our emotions and how we could support others too. On this page, you will find useful resources to explore, which help support you.



A new fantastic book to support children's mental health. Follow the link below to read it online.

Next week is Mental Health awareness Week 18-24th May and this year the theme is ‘kindness.’ If you would like to, spend some time looking through the resources provided in the Primary Wellbeing challenge booklet

The Gratitude jarblushheart


Something that has really helped me through this season has bee practising gratitude. Each day I have set aside a tiny bit of time to find things to be thankful for. It could be for a lovely meal, having clean clothes to wear, phones to contact people, PS4 and games to play, a pet, your favourite T-shirt anything.  If you've got an empty jar, box or notebook, why not have a go at writing some things down and creating your own grateful jar.

Every Little helpsblush


This week you may have heard about Captain Tom Moore-The British army Veteran, who 99 years old, decided to raise money for our NHS by walking laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, which he celebrated on 30th April 2020. He managed to raise more than £32 million. How incredible is that! Captain Tom never set out to raise that much, but he wanted to do something and donations just kept pouring in. We might not be able to raise money, but I wonder what we could do? Write some letters and cards to people? Paint some people pictures? Help your parents after a long day? Have a read of the picture news resources below with a grown-up.

ELSA sleepy mobile craft