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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum Resources

Creative Project - DT


This week we are thinking about the Stone Age diet. Watch the video which explains how to create a Stone Age meal.

There are 3 tasks you could do after watching.

1. Make the meal yourselves! (with adult help)

2. Write instructions about how to make the meal.

3. Create a Stone Age Menu for a Stone Age restaurant.

DT: Stone Age Stew


Complete the starter Light and Dark recap task and then, following on from last week's learning about sun safety, complete the reading task below all about staying safe in the sun.



Continuing our focus on gymnastics, this week we are developing our flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance by learning how to accurately link movements together.

Take a look at the resources below to learn how to perform linking movements. 


This week we are revising the French words for animals, learning how to say that we have more than one of something and learning how to say that colours of animals. 

Watch the video below and then complete the 'animals' worksheet. 

What colour is your pet?


This week in History you are learning all about The Stone Age Diet – what they ate! Watch the video below and follow along. There is information and two tasks to complete at the end.

The Stone Age diet

Watch this video with information all about what Stone Age people used to eat and complete the 2 tasks!