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English Resources

Over the next two weeks we will be learning how to write a
Diary Entry



Today, watch the video below which explains the features of diary entries. Pause the video at different points to answer the question. After you have watched the video, write sentences to explain how Barney is feeling when he first meets Stig. 

Monday Features of a Diary Entry



Complete the Purple Mash task ‘Use Adverbs to Describe Stig’s Actions’. Ensure you listen to the sound which will explain your task to you.


Afterwards, watch the video below and use adverbs to describe how the Stone Age person is moving. 



Caveman Best Animated Film Funny Cartoon

Caveman Best Animated Film Funny Cartoon



Watch the video below and follow the instructions. Today we will be writing expanded noun phrases about Stig to help us write a character description tomorrow. Remember, this is from Barney's perspective which means when you are writing, YOU are Barney! It should be in first person.

Write at least 6 sentences using expanded noun phrases. 

Expanded noun phrases



Today we are writing a character description of Stig from the perspective of Barney. Take a look at the WAGOLL below and also use the Word Bank to help you. I am looking for adverbs and expanded noun phrases in your writing. 



Today is split into two parts (30 minutes each).


Firstly, follow the video below to edit and improve your writing.

Secondly, complete the spelling activity sheet. 

Friday Edit and Improve our Writing