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We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Our Home Education Journey

W.C. 8.02.21 - Spring 1 of home education complete! WELL DONE WONDERFUL WILLOWS :-) I am so proud.

W.C. 1.02.21 - A weekly round up of our sparkly learning.

W.C. 1.02.21

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.... and we have another wonderful, amazing entry from Jacob. Here's Jacob making some actions to help him remember the beignning of Toys in Space. It will probably help you remember the beignning too. These videos really are perking up my week! I love seeing you all happily learning from home.

W.C. 1.02.21

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Watch Elliott making some crazy, awesome actions to help him remember the beginning of Toys in Space by Mini Grey. This is really going to help him with his writing tomorrow. I cannot wait to see some more actions from you all :-). Keep going Wonderful Willows, you're all doing so well. I am a very proud teacher.

W.C. 25.01.21 - More evidence of us being resilient learners

W.C. 25.01.21 / Bin Shot Trick

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Watch Elliott's awesome bin shot trick. Has he become spiderman whilst learning at home? Send in your bin shot tricks!

W.C. 25.01.21 - Weekly Creative Project. Creating our very own superhero capes !

W.C. 25.01.21

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The Year 2s in school wanted to pass a snowy message on to all those resilient learners at home who are working hard.

W.C. 25.01.21 / Magical Snow Monday

W.C. 18.01.21 - Happy Friday Update :-)

W.C. 18.01.21 - A mid week update with lots of superhero potion making involved!

W.C. 11.01.21 - Here are some of us in school doing the same work as everyone at home :)

W.C. 04.01.21 Home Learning Highlights

Day One of Our Home Learning Journey in Wonderful Willows!