Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Week beginning 08.02.21

Below you will find an overview of the learning for the week. To find the English writing resources, click on the English star, to find the reading resources click on the Reading star, to find the Maths resources click on the Maths star, and to find the Wider curriculum resources, click on the Wider curriculum star. You will also find some extension tasks- including an e-safety lesson- that the children can complete when they have finished.


Lesson 1 (English)

Lesson 2 (Reading)

Lesson 3 (Maths)

Lesson 4 (Wider Curriculum)


Purple Mash


Emotive language/ Rule of three





Purple Mash


Read chapter 1 of ‘The Litter Wish’


Answer the online quiz questions.


Purple Mash


Dividing 2-digits by 1 digit. Watch the video first.






Making comparisons: Hindu religious festivals: Holi and Diwali.





Purple Mash


Possessive apostrophe singular





. Purple Mash


Read chapter 2 of ‘The Litter Wish’






Purple Mash


Dividing 3 digits by a 1 digit. Watch the video first.





PSHE- internet safety Day

Today is internet safety day and the theme is, ‘an internet we trust.’

Head over to the wider curriculum page to see your task.

Picture news



Purple Mash


Rhetorical questions / repetition



CGP Book


Complete the CGP comprehension, ‘Choosing a bike’ on page 2.


Purple Mash


Dividing 2 and 3-digits by a 1 digit with renaming. Watch the video first.


Interpreting food webs

Food webs game






Purple Mash


Applying through sentences.




Purple Mash


Read chapter 3 of ‘The Litter Wish’




Purple Mash


Dividing with remainders.

Watch the Oak National video



Beat the teacher challenge.


Oak National – Exploring 3 beats in a bar.



Purple Mash


Writing an emotively driven paragraph.

Purple Mash

Read chapter 4 of ‘The Litter Wish’



My Maths

Short division. Complete the lesson first.


History creative project  

Next half-terms topic is the Romans.

Who were the Romans?