Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Art and Design at Glade Hill

At Glade Hill, we have a progressive, diverse and current art curriculum that allows pupils to experiment with their creativity as they learn new artistic skills. Throughout the year, each year group will study six art units: three main units and three sub units, which have been identified directly from the National Curriculum. These units have been partnered together over the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms, so that each term a 2D and more 3D aspect of art is being taught.


Each unit has specific vocabulary that builds upon the prior units and the previous year group to expand our children’s speech, language and communication and support them in making connections to other aspects of the curriculum. Another fundamental area of our art curriculum is the diverse range of artists, architects, designers and craft makers studied. These have been purposely and diligently chosen to reflect the diversity in our society and ensure our children have a better understanding of different cultures, ethnicities and race.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are taught and given the chance to experiment with skills that apply to each main and sub unit. These skills and exploration are demonstrated through continuous provision and throughout the year children in EYFS will learn about great and diverse artists, from which they can emulate their work.  


In addition to this, we offer additional art opportunities through after school clubs, craft days and trips to art galleries in certain year groups, to show our children how art is important in the wider world and not just in educational settings.