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Yr 4 - Outstanding Olives

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Welcome to Outstanding Olives' class page. We are so excited to be sharing our learning journey with you this year. In this class we SPARKLE and always have lots of fun together. On our class page you will find information about the learning taking place each term. You will also find information about homework, letters and times table practice.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me on our class email. I will try to reply as soon as possible.


Miss Dymond smiley

Autumn 1 - Identity and Belonging


In geography, the children will be developing their locational knowledge of South America. They will use atlases and maps to locate major countries and cities of the region and describe the environmental regions, human and physical features of some of these countries. 



In English this half-term we will be studying the book ‘The miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,’ and we will use these to write our own diary entries and stories. 

After delving into the story, and exploring it through drama we are going to spend some time constructing super sentences, identifying effective vocabulary and developing our understanding of character, plots and settings. In reading we will be retrieving and inferring information. We will be identifying how characters feel by looking for their actions. 



In maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction, place value and solving a range of problems within these contexts. 

Throughout the week, we will also be completing TT rockstars and you can help your children improve by encouraging them to play online at home! If you need your child’s details, please come and speak to me as this is a great mathematical resource. 




In science, we will be learning about teeth. We will explore the different types of teeth that humans have and their functions. We will also spend time investigating how to look after our teeth and what can happen when we don’t. Following on from teeth, we will be diving into the digestive system. Throughout the term, we will be working scientifically to conduct investigations, ask questions, make predictions and observations. 


Art/ DT 

In art, we will be replicating the work of Morandi, as we develop our mastery and skill in range of drawing techniques. We will be working towards our own still life art.   



In PSHE, we will be learning about how to build positive relationships with others and how to keep ourselves safe.