Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


20.7.20  Summer 2 Week 8!



Reading:  BINGO!


Summer Reading BINGO!  Focus on reading for pleasure.  Choose an activity to make your reading experience fun, as well as look at the suggested reads for those looking for great books!


Writing: A selection of activities to choose from:


Scrapbook of Year 2

Use the scrap book to think about all the fantastic things that have happened in Year 2! 

It would be great to share with your new teacher or keep it safe to look back on in a years’ time!


Hopes for the summer

What do you hope your summer will hold?


In the summer I see…

Where will you go?  What will you see?


Summer Nature Walk:

Head out in the sunshine and notice what’s around you!


13.7.20 Summer 2 Week 7



Monday:  Transition:  A note for My Teacher

Complete the letter and fact file about you, ready to share with your new teacher during this week’s Zoom call! 


Tuesday- Friday

Complete a task from the English Activity Transition Booklet


Practice some of the key skills we have learnt this year, ready for your transition into Year 3!



5.7.20  Summer 2 Week 6



Monday:  Beaches Comprehension (There are 3 versions- 1star- EASIER, 2star- Age related, 3 Star-Challenge!)


Tuesday: Read the poem ‘Seaside Fun’ and discuss all the memories or things you can do at the seaside.  Look at the pictures to help think about ideas and brainstorm your ideas.


Wednesday: Write your own version of the poem.  Can you make two lines rhyme like in the original?



Thursday: Another Type of Poem are Acrostic Poems.  Here a letter in a word starts each sentence.  We are going to use the word ‘Seaside’.  Look at the example and have a go at writing your own!


Friday: Word Search.  Find the Seaside words hidden in the word search.  Look for the letter patterns to help you.



This half term we are going to be looking at the series of 'Traction Man' books by Mini Grey. 


This weeks book is...  Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey


Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey by Mini Grey

29.6.20 Summer 2 Week 5


Traction Man is enjoying the hot weather and is heading for the beach!  Read the story above and imagine diving into the deep blue sea!




Read along/ listen to the new text “Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey”

The weather has been so hot that Traction Man has been to the beach!


Shared Reading:  Discuss the meaning of the words crevices, aquatic, lurk, elusive


Tuesday: Grammar:  Label some of the items (using the correct punctuation) of the things Traction Man packs



Look at the 3 examples of setting descriptions.  Highlight the use of capital letters/ full stops/ adjectives and sentence openers.



Thursday: Finish the sentences describing what Traction Man can see/ hear/ touch as he dives in the deep ocean.


Friday: Writing

Describe what Traction Man would see under the water in a final setting description. 


Copy up your best setting description in your neatest handwriting and be proud of your work!  J


22.6.20 Summer 2 Week 4





Read along/ listen to the new text “Traction Man meets Turbo Dog!”


Using an extract from the text highlight words you are unsure of.  Look at words such as: Compost, harness, glacier, mystic, the summit! Discuss what they mean with a grown up.  Annotate the text if you wish.


Tuesday: Think about reasons for and against why the little boy’s parents might put Scrubbing Brush in the bin!!!


Wednesday: Design your own TURBO PET! 

What would your character be?  Maybe it could be a mixture of pets!


Thursday:  RSE DAY (relationship education)  Please see the Parent advice booklet.


This year’s theme for RSE Day is ‘Books I Love About Love’.  You can join in by reading a book about love with your child or sharing your favourite books on social media using #BooksILoveAboutLove #RSEday.


Friday: Writing

Tell me all about your Turbo Pet.  Does your Turbo Pet have any special powers?  How does it help Traction Man?

Copy up your best character description and be proud of your work!  J


Traction man meets Turbodog - Books Alive!


❤️ Love From Dr Seuss Book Read Aloud l Online Stories Read Aloud By the Storyteller...

Traction Man is here!

Books Alive! Read aloud Traction Man is here by Mini Grey. The everyday hero performing extraordinary bravery in the realms of the home. All in a days work f...

15.6.20 Summer 2 Week 3



Monday:  Reading Questions about Jeremy Strong


Tuesday: Design an outfit for Traction Man for a new setting.


Wednesday: Grammar


Traction Man dives into the sink… what would he see?  Use adjectives to describe.


Thursday:  Writing

Use your work from yesterday to write into full sentences.  How can you describe what’s around him?


Friday: Writing

Complete your extended piece if needed.


Reading: (History)  All about Florence Nightingale

8.6.20 Week 2



Monday:  Re-read the story of Traction Man is Here and think about what Traction Man might be thinking at different parts of the story.

Fill in the thought bubbles


Tuesday: Grammar: Introduction to speech marks

Pop the bubbles and write the speech in a sentence.  Use the example to help you.


Wednesday: Grammar


Read the two diary entries and discuss what is different about them.  Which is more effective?  Can you find the adjectives?


Thursday:  Writing

Write a WOW sentence for each part of the story given.  Continue to plan your own adventure!


Friday: Writing

Complete your own diary entry for Tractions Man’s day. 

1st June 2020


This week we are beginning to look at what makes a superhero. Listed below are some daily activities for you to work on.  see the activities attached below as either word or PDF documents.



Read the passage about Batman and complete activity.


Tuesday: Grammar lesson on There their or They're which one?


Wednesday: inventing own superhero activity


Thursday:  use the superhero words to write sentences


Friday: use chosen writing frame to begin writing about your superhero.