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Weekly Updates

laughWhat have we been up to this week?laugh

WC 03.05.21


Another fabulous week in Outstanding Oaks. To start off with, a big well done to the children for being this week's TT Rockstars champions. We had a great time outdoors in the woods as a treat. Remember to keep it up. In science this week, we learned about classification keys and how we can use a series of questions to identify different living things. We're looking forward to creating our own next week. In maths, we've continued to strengthen our fraction knowledge, by identifying a range of unit fractions, comparing fractions and using our findings to support our reasoning. In geography, this week we found out about the characteristics of a tropical biome. In English, after spending time researching about deforestation and planning our writing, we have completed our first persuasive letter draft. In art this week, we have taken inspiration from the variety of tones and shades that Henri Rosseau uses, and have created our own colour swatches. We'll be drawing upon these when we complete our printing unit.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Siriboe & Miss Clarke

WC 26.04.21


Another fabulous week in Outstanding Oaks filled with lots of exciting learning adventures. In English, we have spent some time looking at a range of persuasive letters, gathering examples of emotive language and applying them. In maths, we have continued our learning on fractions by looking for equal parts of wholes. In science, we spent some time in our local environment making careful observations of the range of living things. This week in art, we sketched in the style of Henri Rosseau, who used the rainforest as his inspiration for his artwork. In geography, we continued with our learning about rainforests, by using our mapping skills, to locate countries around the world with rainforests. We discovered that the tropical rainforests are located near the equator.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Siriboe & Miss Clarke


WC 19.04.21


We've had a lovely week back, kicking off our summer 1 topic, 'Living and Surviving' which focuses on life in the Amazon rainforest. In geography, we spent time researching about the different layers of the rainforest, and finding out about what a rainforest actually is. As part of our rainforest day, we also created our own, rainforest-inspired masks. In English, we have begun our persuasive writing unit, focusing on the terrible deforestation taking place in rainforests around the world. Using the book 'The Great Kapok Tree', we started to think about how the animals in the rainforest might feel, and why we need to act. In maths, we've started our exciting fractions unit and have begun exploring what a fraction is. In science, we've started our unit topic living things. After recapping, the life processes to help us identify living things, we've begun to look at how we can use their characterisitics to group them.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clarke & Miss Siriboe

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WC 30.11.20


A fabulous week in Outstanding Oaks, filled with lots of practical learning experiences. In Maths we kicked off our new learning series all about money. We explored different amounts and considered ways to order and compare them. In history, we learnt about the Ancient Egyptian's farming techniques and how their clever inventions made the farming process easier. After learning about a mechanism that they created called ' The Shaduf,' we had a go at creating our own. One of our highlights of the week was science where we applied our digestive system knowledge to a practical demonstration. It was messy but we had a lot of fun explaining the process. In English this week, we wrote brilliant introductions and practice paragraphs for our explanation texts by applying technical language, causal conjunctions and detailed information. Finally, we finished off the week, taking on the role of sculptors in art, as we brought our Ancient Egyptian scarab beetle designs to life laugh.


Have a fabulous weekend. 

Miss Siriboe and Miss Clarke

WC 23.11.20


This week in Outstanding Oaks, we've been developing our skills to help us prepare for writing our own explanation texts about mummification. In English, we spent some time mummifying apples, using the explanation texts provided to help understand the intended purpose and impact on the reader. In science, we loved finding out about the major organs of the digestive system, and recreated our own. In maths this week, we've worked really hard to apply our subtraction knowledge to a range of problem solving questions. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to participate in a curling competition. Lots of new skills were learnt and a new love for the sport was evident.  A great week!


Have a lovely weekend. 


WC 16.11.20


Another fabulous week in year 4laugh. We kicked off the week with our history unit, finding out about the invention of hieroglyphics and how it impacted the Ancient Egyptian's civilisations.  The excitement levels were through this roof this week as we revisited our science investigation to find out which drink did the most damage to our teeth. I think it's fair to say the results were both surprising and gut-wrenching. Using our predictions and previous knowledge about the impact of sugar on our teeth, we wrote conclusions to show our findings. In English, we wrote our final stories as Howard Carter, venturing into the discovery of Tutankhamun's chamber. We used a range of Dialogue Action and Description to build suspense and excitement for our readers. In maths, we've continued to develop our accuracy and speed with subtracting 4-digit numbers.

WC 09.11.20


We've really enjoyed our science learning this week. After finding out about the different types of teeth last week and their functions,  we started to think about what can happen to our teeth when we don't take enough care with them- particularly the impact  that consuming too much sugar can have. We decided to set up an investigation to find out the impact that different drinks can have on our teeth. We explored ways to make it a fair test; the best way to measure the outcome, and we made brilliant predictions using scientific vocabulary and applying our previous learning. We're looking forward to seeing the results. In English we started thinking about the opening of our story, and creating freeze frame to help us imagine the emotions that Howard Carter would be experiencing as he discovered the entrance.

WC 02.11.20


This week we kicked off our Autumn 2 learning adventure- The Ancient Egyptians. We had a fantastic Egyptian day, taking on the role of an Egyptologist to deduce and infer information form historical artefacts. In geography we used maps and atlases to locate modern day Egypt, and used historical maps to plot key features. A very exciting start indeed. We also launched our new science unit- Animals including humans, and spent the week learning about the different types of teeth and their functions. We applied this learning later in the week, to identify the diets of animals, by making careful observations of their teeth.


Have a good weekend.


Miss Siriboe and Miss clarke

Half-term projectslaugh


A big thank you to everyone who complete an Ancient Egyptian project over the half-term break. Myself and Miss Clarke were blown away by everyone's effort and creativity.

WC 12.10.20


A brilliant final week in Outstanding Oaks. Thank you to all of the children for a fabulous half-term and for all of their hard work adapting and settling into our 'new normal.' To finish off our topic, and celebrate reaching the end of 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,' we held a D&T day, creating our own teddies. We researched products and used this to form our criteria; practised our joining skills using sewing techniques (it was tricky, but we showed great resilience).

WC 05.10.20


A wonderful week in Outstanding Oaks. In science, we explored pitch and investigated what made a sound source sound high or low. After using a a range of sources, we found out that the shorter the boom whacker, the higher the pitch, and the longer the boom whacker the lower pitch. In art this week, we completed our final self-portrait in the style of Modigliani. We applied his sketching techniques to create our own and we were very pleased with the end result. In maths, we learnt about negative numbers, and applied this to different problems, as well as recapping our learning on Roman numerals. In English, we've been learning about setting descriptions, and have now begun to plan our own stories inspired by The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Siriboe & Miss Clarke.

WC 28/09/20


Another fabulous week in Outstanding Oaks. We started our geography projects this week, by applying our knowledge of the different types of settlements to create our own 3D models, detailing the features and facilities available. In English this week, we met a few new interesting characters in our class book. We then had a go at writing our own character descriptions, using a good balance of description and action. I was very impressed with the work everyone produced. In maths, we continued our unit on rounding, applying it to real life contexts, such as estimating amounts and costs. In science, w investigated whether or not it was possible to change the amplitude (volume) of an instrument. We then drew conclusions from the results. Finally, we finished off our week recreating portraits in the style of Modigliani, to prepare us for our final version next week :D! A wonderful week indeedlaugh

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Siriboe & Miss Clarke

WC 21.09.20


Another brilliant week of learning adventures in Outstanding Oaks. In Maths, we've been working incredibly hard with rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We spent time using our knowledge of number lines, and identifying the 10/ 100s that our number lies between. In science this week, we enjoyed investigating the impact of distance on the faintness of a sound and made really great predictions. We had lots of fun in geography this week, developing our mapping skills by using keys to identify different features within Nottinghamshire. We even had a go at creating our own maps. In English, we have been delving in deeper to our class story, 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,' and have begun to feel a bit sorry for him, as his life continues to turn upside down. Finally, on Friday afternoon, we spent time exploring our surroundings during forest school.


Miss Sriboe & Miss Clarke

WC 14.09.20


We have had another fantastic week in Outstanding Oaks. In English, we continued to delve into our class story, 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,' and wrote superb diary entries detailing the next events of his journey. Edward has met many different characters now, who have impacted his life. We can't wait to see who he meets next. In maths, we have been continuing our learning on place value, and finished the week looking at number patterns. 

We really enjoyed geography this week and got the chance to create our own double page spreads all about different types of settlements in the UK. We found out about hamlets, villages, towns and cities and their characteristics. Finally, we finished off our week sketching outdoors by applying the skills and techniques of artist, Amedeo Modigliani.

We're looking forward to another fab week.


Miss Siriboe and Miss Clarke

WC 07.09.20


We've had a great week in Outstanding Oaks diving into our topics. In geography, we spent some time, using our compass skills and mapping skills to locate the counties of the United Kingdom. We kicked off our sound topic in science, by taking a sound walk around the school grounds. We thought about the different things that we could hear, and began to reflect on how we were able to hear them. In English, we've loved reading 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' and taking on the challenge of writing from the perspective of Edward Tulane: a very arrogant  and over-confident character. Finally, in maths we've had fun exploring the relationship between 100 and 1000 and using this to solve problems. 

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Siriboe & Miss Clarke.