Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE


This half term, in English we will be writing a Science Fiction story. This week we will be learning about the genre, and what important themes and features we see in Science Fiction.





Read through the PowerPoint to discover some of the common themes and features of the Science Fiction genre. 


Can you think of any other famous Sci-fi stories that you know? These could be books, films, tv series etc!


Read the short story Trapped. Which of the features that we have discussed can you find in the text? Complete the worksheet listing every theme or feature that you find.



Today we are going to be thinking about what kind of person would enjoy reading Science Fiction stories.


Read through the PowerPoint, and jot down any ideas you have about what kind of reader you would recommend a science fiction story to.


Then, using the worksheet (or drawing your own!) come up with a 'profile' of a science fiction fan!


Check out my example so that you know how to complete this before you start.



Today we are going to read another Sci-Fi example: Jazz Harper: Space Explorer.


Read through the text, and then answer the questions. You can do this on paper, on Purple Mash, or by printing out the sheet.


Remember to send me a photo or document containing your answers!



Today we will be getting creative! In the picture below, you can read the opening to a Sci-fi story. Using everything that you've learned about the genre this week, could you continue and complete the story?


Things you might want to include...


  • Aliens
  • Spaceships
  • Futuristic technology
  • Time travel
  • Heroes and Villains
  • New and unfamiliar planets

Friday (Grammar)


This week in our grammar lesson we will be learning how to use relative clauses.


These are subordinate clauses that allow us to add extra detail to our sentences.


Read through the Presentation, and complete the activities on the worksheet as you read.


This can be completed on plain paper if you do not have access to a printer, or on Purple Mash using the blank template.