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Wider Curriculum


Try building some Sound Sandcastles in French.


Try Mrs E.T.'s monster hopscotch. Can you remember the body parts, numbers and colours in French?



Picture News!

This week's wider curriculum work is based upon something that has been in the news. The question we are going to explore is:


A first impression is what somebody thinks of you the first time they see or meet you. How important do you think they are?


Discuss with your family:

- How important are first impressions?

- What makes a good first impression?

- What makes a bad first impression?

- When is it important to make a good first impression?

- When would it be bad if you made a bad first impression?

- What first impression do you want people to think of you in September?

- Once you've made a bad first impression, can you change people's perceptions of you?



- How would it feel if somebody judged you on just the way you look?

We know the saying 'don't judge a book by its cover.' But what does it mean? Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Did you make the right judgement? Have you ever been surprised by a book, that had a great cover but rubbish story or a rubbish cover but a great story? Why is it important that we don't judge someone just by their looks?


In the news this week it was revealed that the Prime Minister's plane has had a red, white and blue paint job. (His plane is in both photos above.) The RAF Voyager is used by the Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family for official visits around the world and was previously coloured grey. An official spokesperson for the government confirmed that the plane received its makeover in Cambridgeshire in the colours of the Union Jack at the cost of £900,000, taken from public funds. 


- What do you think when you first see the RAF Voyager plane from the photo above?

- Do you think it matters what the plane looks like if the Prime Minister or the Royal Family are using it?

- Do you think the government should pay for the paintwork? Why?


Take a look at the work this week you can get involved in based upon this news story...

Supporting resources on Purple Mash!


2code - programme the plane to take off

2paint - paint the Union Jack

2paint - research a flag from a country you'd like to go to after lock down and paint its flag

Quiz - locate the cities on a map of the UK

Mrs E-T's French Geography Project week 5


Picture News

This week's wider curriculum work is based around something that has been in the news recently. Statues!


This is the question I want you to consider:


Following protests campaigning for Black Lives Matter, demonstrators in Bristol pulled down a statue of a former slave trader, Edward Colston, and threw it into the harbour. It is likely that the statue will now be placed in a museum. Many other famous statues have been in question in other parts of the UK, with issues regarding what they represent and if they should be given prominent positions in towns and cities.


Things to talk about at home:

- Do you know if there are any famous statues or monuments in your local area? Do you know why they are there and who the person is/ what the object is?

- Is there anyone in your local area that you think deserves a statue? Why?

- Why do you think we choose to put up statues or monuments? 


Take a look below, at the work planned for you this week. Be as creative as you like with your statues, and don't forget to send us a picture of your art work to put on the class web page


Picture News

This week's wider curriculum work is based upon a topic in this weeks news. Zoos are now reopening to the public! 


The question I want you to think about is:

What's going on this week?

Chester Zoo is the largest zoo in the UK and was closed on the 21st March, following lockdown restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. It reopened on the 15th June, after being closed for 3 months. During the long period it was closed, the owners were concerned that it may not ever have been able to reopen due to the huge lack of income caused by the closure and the huge costs involved in feeding the animals. 


Main question: Should zoos have been allowed to reopen earlier?

Discuss the following questions with your family:

  • Why do you think the running costs of zoos are so high?
  • Have you been to the zoo before? What did you like about it? Was there anything you didn't like? Which zoo was it? If you've not been to one before would you like to go to one and why?
  • What do you think is the main purpose of a zoo?


Once you have discussed this week's main question, check out the activities below which you can do this week, based around the topic of zoos and wild animals. Don't forget to create these on a Powerpoint, in a Word document or take a photo of your work and send it to our class email!


We can't wait to see what you get up to!

Supporting resources:



Here is an image of animal silhouettes to inspire this week's art work!


Purple Mash:

  • Two endangered animal fact files to complete: a Jaguar and a Mountain Gorilla
  • One art activity: creating a big cat in the 2Paint studio.

Here is week 3 of Mrs E-T's French Challenge.


Here is week 2 of Mrs E-T's French Challenge



Here is week 2 of Mrs E-T's French Challenge

See below your French challenge this week, set by Mrs E-T!



History- Continue with project from last week


Geography- Europe Capital Cities on Purple Mash


Science- Healthy Teeth on Purple Mash




Can you create a medal in honour of VE Day?



Can you design a VE Day teacup?



Join Joe Wicks for a workout Monday-Friday at 9am.


Learn to draw something new every day! Remember to email me your pictures  laugh.



Let's Go Live Science is a great channel to learn about science the everyday world. From hunting sharks teeth, to dissecting plants, this is definitely a channel you will enjoy!


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Have a go at the 2Code Gorilla section on Purple Mash to improve your coding skills.



Purple Mash

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