Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Wider Curriculum


History- Continue with project from last week


Geography- Europe Capital Cities on Purple Mash


Science- Healthy Teeth on Purple Mash



Can you create a medal in honour of VE Day?



Can you design a VE Day teacup?



Join Joe Wicks for a workout Monday-Friday at 9am.


Learn to draw something new every day! Remember to email me your pictures  laugh.



Let's Go Live Science is a great channel to learn about science the everyday world. From hunting sharks teeth, to dissecting plants, this is definitely a channel you will enjoy!


Bird Spotting In Your Garden | Garden Week | #01 LET'S GO LIVE with Maddie & Greg

In this episode we suggested going to the park to spot birds if you don't have a garden. Things change really quickly at the moment and in light of recent ...


Have a go at the 2Code Gorilla section on Purple Mash to improve your coding skills.



Purple Mash

You can do all sorts of activities on Purple Mash- including art and music!