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Yr 4 - Outstanding Oaks

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We SPARKLE together, learn together and have fun together.

We SPARKLE together, learn together and have fun together. 1

Welcome to Year 4!



A big welcome to the Outstanding Oaks page. This term the children will be delving into lots of exciting learning opportunities that involve problem-solving, resilience, creativity and most importantly FUN!



In literacy this half term, we will be  writing our own adventure stories based on the fantastic 'BFG' by Roald Dahl. The story takes us from the well-known setting of London, right into the BFG's imaginary world where we meet ferocious and troublesome giants. We will spend some time as a year group unpicking the story; learning about the structure of adventure stories and then creating our own. Lots of our writing sessions will focus on exciting vocabulary; developing our sentence structure and thinking about how we can make our writing engaging for the reader.  You might want to spend some time with your child, exploring other Roald Dahl books; discussing other adventure stories or looking for exciting characters and settings in their current stories.




In maths we will be starting place value which will help the children develop an understanding of the reading and writing numbers up to 4-digits, counting, identifying the value of individual digits, ordering and rounding, in order to equip them for later topics. After this, the children will move onto addition and subtraction including money. At home, your child may practice reading saying numbers aloud and, adding money and seeing in being used in a real life context.


We continue to do Superhero Maths every week so please ask what your children are on and help them practice so they can defeat their superhero!


Also, we do TT rock stars during the week and you can help your children improve by encouraging them to play online at home! All of the children have been provided with their log in which can be found on their back cover of the reading diary. If you need your child’s detail/ support, please come and speak to me as this is a great mathematical resource.



In science we are learning all about sound. Over the term we will explore how sounds are made; the journey of sound from our outer ear to our brain; how distance impacts the volume of a sound and exploring pitch. Throughout the term, we will be working scientifically to conduct investigations, ask questions, make predictions and observations.



Our topic this term is all about giants, and we have got an exciting line up all based around our fantastic class book.  In geography the children will be using atlases to locate the countries around the world that the giants visit. Zooming into the BFG’s choice of location (the UK), the children will learn about the counties and cities of the UK, and will begin to consider why the BFG chose to visit London. As a class we will develop this further, beginning to consider the human and physical features of London and why it may have been an area of interest.  Following our BFG theme, in DT we will be researching, designing and making our own dreamcatchers and in art, we will be replicating the work of Modigliani's landscape paintings, to create our own dreamy, imaginary world.



PE will continue to be every Monday and Wednesday, please make sure kit is in every week!

The new skills will be gymnastics- focusing on balancing, flexibility  and travelling.



Just a reminder - Homework is given out every Thursday and we expect it returned by the following Friday. If your child needs support with their homework, please ask them to see myself or Mrs McKenna.


Bronze, Silver and Gold Reading Award

An important way to support your child’s learning at home is to read with them at least 3 times per week. If you child reads 3 times per week at home they will receive a star on their bronze book mark. Once they have completed their bookmarks they move onto silver and then onto gold.

The trip to Waterstones is now on the horizon so please keep up all your fabulous reading!


Have you seen the BFG?

Have you seen the BFG? 1 We entered the room to this terrible crime scene.
Have you seen the BFG? 2 Who has taken Sophie?
Have you seen the BFG? 3 Using our detective skills to identify BFG
Have you seen the BFG? 4 Using our detective skills to identify BFG
Have you seen the BFG? 5 Super detective skills to create the BFG
Have you seen the BFG? 6 What does the BFG look like?
Have you seen the BFG? 7 What does the BFG look like?

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Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!