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Yr 4 - Outstanding Oaks

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Welcome to Year 4!




In literacy this half term we will be looking at and writing our own stories set in another culture!

Our class book is Ada’s Violin…a true story about children in Paraguay.

We are going to be looking at lots of different examples and finding out what makes them exciting and engaging!

We are going to be looking at lots of grammar including; fronted adverbials, prepositions, powerful adjectives and verbs, similes and metaphors and using paragraphs.




In maths we will be starting fractions and decimals!

We continue to do Superhero Maths every week so please ask what your children are on and help them practice so they can defeat their superhero!

Also, we do TT rock stars 4 times a week and you can help your children improve by encouraging them to play online at home! If you need your child’s details/it won’t work, please come and speak to me as this is a great mathematical resource.



In science we are learning all about classifying living things, environmental changes and food chains of rainforests and tropical environments.



Our topic this term is all about the rainforests!

We will be finding out all about the habitat of a rainforest, where they are and what/who lives there.

In Geography, we will be learning all about world countries and their main cities!

We will also be doing lots of art based around this.



PE will continue to be every Monday, please make sure kit is in every week!

The new skills will be athletics and dynamic balance.



Just a reminder - Homework is given out every Friday and we expect it returned by the following Thursday!


Bronze, Silver and Gold Reading Award

An important way to support your child’s learning at home is to read with them at least 3 times per week. If you child reads 3 times per week at home they will receive a star on their bronze book mark. Once they have completed their bookmarks they move onto silver and then onto gold.

The trip to Waterstones is now on the horizon so please keep up all your fabulous reading!


Summer 1 Newsletter

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We all looked fabulous for World Book Day!

We all looked fabulous for World Book Day! 1

Please click on the PDF for a copy of our Spring 2 Newsletter!

Please click on this PDF for a copy of our Spring 1 Newsletter!

Please click onto this PDF for a copy of our Autumn 2 newsletter!

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