Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

We are Golden and we SPARKLE

Pupil Leaders

At Glade Hill we encourage independence and leadership skills from an early age.  There are a variety of leadership roles undertaken across each year group such as:


EYFS Family Group Ambassadors

These children greet visitors and show them around the Learning Environment. They also help new children settle in to EYFS.

Class Ambassadors

These children will greet visitors in class and explain the focus of the lesson.

Digital Leaders

These leaders ensure that all children are aware of Internet safety.

Eco Leaders

This team support in ensuring that the school site is well maintained and look at energy efficiencies.

Learning Leaders

These children support their peers with their learning in different subject areas.

Library Leaders

This team ensure that the library runs smoothly by sorting books and checking them in and out.

Lunchtime Leaders

These are Y2 children who support our EYFS children at lunchtime on the playground.

Pupil Council (see separate Pupil Council page)

There are 2 representatives from each class who discuss issues and represent the school externally.

Sports Ambassadors

This team assist in organising equipment for playtimes and also help with some after school clubs.

A Selection of our Leaders


Olivia, Family Group Ambassador - Zebras
Harley, Family Group Ambassador - Elephants
Leah, Family Group Ambassador - Tigers
Max, Family Group Ambassador Parrots

Year 1 - Brilliant Bonsais

Elliott, Class Ambassador
Tanaya, Pupil Council

Year 1 - Brilliant Beeches

Olivia, Class Ambassador
Dylan, Pupil Council
Karragan, Eco Leader

Year 2 - Wonderful Willows

Frankie, Eco Leader
Mara Jade, Library Monitor
Alfie, Eco Leader
Layla, Pupil Council
Harleigh-Rose, Class Ambassador

Year 2 - Wonderful Wisterias

Oliver, Class Amabassador
Sofie, Eco Leader
Daniel, Pupil Council
Kian, Eco Leader

Year 3 - Fantastic Ferns

Caitlyn, Pupil Council
Aleksandra, Class Ambassador

Year 3 - Fantastic Firs

Lucas, Pupil Council
Lorenz, Class Ambassador
Sophia, Eco Leader
Layla, Library Monitor
Harley, Eco Leader
Tiago, Library Monitor

Year 4 - Outstanding Oaks

Harry, Eco Leaders
Lily, Eco Leader
Lilly, Class Ambassador
Varen-Pearce, Pupil Council
Lexi-Ann, Pupil Council

Year 5 - Marvellous Maples

Lillie-Mae, Eco Leader
Charlie, Library Monitor & Sports Ambassador
Aaron, Sports Ambassador
Matarr, Library Monitor
Oliwia, Eco Leader
Anisa, Eco Leader
Eva, Sports Ambassador
Tyra, Class Ambassador
Ellie, Sports Ambassador

Year 6 - Supar Cedars

Jessica, Class Ambassador
Harry, Pupil Council
Violet, Pupil Council
Alethia, Eco Leader
Clancy, Eco Leader
Ellie-Louise, Library Monitor
Riley, Library Monitor
Lea, Library Monitor