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English Home Learning


See Purple Mash




Design your own theme park and create a leaflet to persuade people to visit. 

Try to include: 

Persuasive adjectives- incredible, amazing

Rhetorical questions- Do you want your children to have the best day of their lives?

Modal verbs- must, need, won't

Modal adverbs- surely, clearly, obviously



Serial Mash- The Time Lock Adventure Chapter 3 and 4 and quizzes 



Expanded noun phrases

Apostrophe to mark plural possession







Recycling persuasive poster on Purple Mash. How would you persuade people to recycle more? What are the different ways we can recycle? Why is it important?



Serial Mash reading chapter and quiz on Purple Mash x 2



2 x Purple Mash activities




VE Day Newspaper Report on Purple Mash. There is information on the 2Do and also you can use the information in the reading comprehension. Maybe you could ask a grandparent or great grandparents on the phone if they can remember anything about this special day.



Read the text about VE Day and answer the comprehension questions. You can choose if you want to do the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star text and questions. 3 stars is the trickiest!



You have two grammar 2Dos on Purple Mash- 1. Inverted Commas  2. Synonyms and Antonyms


You also have a spelling quiz 2Do on Purple Mash and I have uploaded a spelling look, cover, write, check sheets for you to practise.






Read Chapter 11 and 12 of Holes and answer the following questions:


1. Why did Stanley agree to do what X-Ray said?

2. Why did X-Ray think he deserved anything Stanley found?

3. Which of the boys was the biggest?

4. What does Magnet like?

5. What does Stanley suggest that  Magnet does for a job?

6. What did Zero say he liked to do with his life?

7. Why do you think he says this?

8. Find and copy a word which means similar to achieve in Chapter 12.



Watch the video clip below of Chapter 13 Imagine you are Stanley and write a diary entry from the end of his day.

What happened during his day? What did he find? How did he feel?



Do you know how to use the correct there, their and they’re?


Can you find the Year 5/6 spelling words in the wordsearches below?



Holes- Chapter 13

Still image for this video



Listen to Chapter 9 (uploaded below). Stanley writes his mum a letter home about what it is like at Camp Green Lake. He doesn't want her to worry so he doesn't tell her the truth! Imagine you are Stanley and write a letter home to tell you grown up swhat it is like at Camp Green Lake. You can choose if you want to tell them the truth or not!



Read Chapter 10 (uploaded below) and answer the following questions.


1. Why was the second hole harder for Stanley to dig?

2.What did Stanley use to help protect his hands?

3. Why didn't Stanley drink all of his water?

4. What did Stanley find when  he was digging?

5. What order did they line up in for water?

6. What did Mr Pedanski think of the fossil?

7. How do you think Stanley feels at the end of the Chapter?




Spelling crossword (uploaded below)- the answers are on the second page for you to mark afterwards.



Holes- Chapter 9

Still image for this video

Additional English Resources

David Walliams Elevenses


David Walliams is releasing a free children's audio story every day. 'Elevenses' are daily short stories from his best-selling kids' books.


Here you can practise answering SPAG questions!

Reading Books


Oxford Owl has access to hundreds of eBooks for you to access at home.