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Wider curriculum

In this section, you will find a range of learning opportunities each week that you can complete. Sometimes, you might have a PE task, a science task, art/ DT or even history or geography task. Remember to take lots of pictures of what you get up to yesblush

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WC 18.05.20

2016 Olympics hosted by Rio de Janeiro


Last week we compared London and Rio by looking for similarities and differences. A similarity between them is that both of these cities hosted the Olympic games. The most recent Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. This week, you are going to find out about the 2016 Rio Olympics, the history of the Olympics and a few exciting creative tasks. I can't wait to see what you come up with laugh

2016 Rio Olympics

French revision numbers 1-20




WC 11.05.20


Rio de Janeiro vs London: a comparative study.

WOW is all I can say to the amazing geography projects that I was sent this week. They were AMAZING! For your geography project this week, you're going to research and find out about what life is like for people living in Brazil's capital city- Rio, and England's capital city- London. Each day you will take on a new task, and as usual there is an exciting creative challenge (try to think outside of the box) wink! I can't wait to be blown away again.

Rio vs London

This week's PE- Zumba Kids

First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated the 4th anniversary of the #LetsMove campaign by rocking out with @Mario Lopez at a Zumba Kids class! Here's a little #z...



Week beginning 04.05.20

For this week's wider curriculum tasks, you have a new geography research project, PE (dance) and some Languages work. 


Geography -The Amazing Amazon River


I hope you enjoyed completing last week's geography project and finding out about a South American country. I chose to research about Brazil and found out that they only have 2 seasonssurprise! This week you are going to find out about the Amazon River which amazingly flows through 9 different South American countries. Below you will find an outline again of your daily tasks. Please remember to stay safe online, and check with an adult before using different sites.I look forward to seeing some pictures of what you have bee up to.  Be as creative as you want, maybe create a video, an online piece, a poster, a leaflet- whatever you can think of to present your information. Please send them to


The amazing Amazon River research project

PE- Easy Kids Choreography - (Hip Hop Dance Tutorial)

Following our English work this week, we know that dance is a big part of the carnival. Have a go at learning this dance routine. Feeling brave? Why not get a parent to email your routine in.

PE- Salsa Basic Dance Step - learn Latin Salsa Dance Lessons for kids salsa dancing

Latin American dancing is a big part of South American culture. For PE this week why not have a go at learning the basic dance moves.


After researching, I found out that most Brazilians speak Portuguese Brazilian. I've been learning how to say the days of the week. Watch this video up to 1:20 and see if you can learn. If you're feeling brave, send in a video!

Week beginning 27.04.20


This week, I have set you a geography task that will last throughout the week. Your task is to research a South American country of your choice. REMEMBER to stay safe when using the internet, and make sure you have checked with an adult before using a site please. I will post some links below that you can use to help you.

Use the sheet attached below, to help you structure your research each day. When you have found the information you need, present your project in an exciting way. Can you make a book, poster, PowerPoint presentation or something even more creative?


Geography: South America research project

Get Skilled: Get Active - Vertical Jump video

PE: How high can you jump?

The vertical jump is one of twelve fundamental movement skills presented in short videos.

Week beginning 20.04.20

Week beginning 20.04.20 1

PE 4 - Speed Bounce

Sportshall Athletics Sportshall Awards Home Pentathlon 2020 #HomePentathlon Speed Bounce StayInWorkOut

How many speed bounces can you get in 30 seconds? send your numbers and pictures in to Let's see who can get the most!

Standing long jump technique

Basic instructions on standing long jump

Can you use an object to measure how far you go? Maybe you have a tape measure that you can use?
see if you can beat your distance throughout the week.

Science: living things

Science: living things 1 -Science living things: using the sheets provided, how many of the living things can you find outdoors?
This half-term, we're going to be learning about different living things such as plants and animals. Your task this week, is to see if you can find examples of these living creatures. Once you have done this, see if you can sort the living creatures out using the classification diagram on the sheet.

DT- making shelters

This term in DT, we're going to be learning about shelters: what they are; why they're useful; and what we can use to create our own. Your task this week is to build your own shelter (indoors or outdoors) using whatever materials you are able to use. When you have done this, have a go at completing the 'design sheet'. If you could create your own shelter, what would it look like?