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City Nature Challenge

Nottingham Nature Needs You!

The City Nature Challenge is an international competition to see which city can make the most observations of nature, find the most species and engage the most participants. Nottingham is due to take part in the global event on 24-27 April and is inviting everyone to take part by exploring the wildlife that’s close to your homes.

How Can You Get Involved?

Where - In your backyard, allotment, balcony, shed...

How - Take photos of plants, insects, birds, fungi and more, then record it using the iNaturalist app

When - Anytime! But the City Nature Challenge competition is taking place Friday 24 - Monday 27 April

Please observe social distancing practices whilst taking part and follow the latest PHE guidelines.

How Can You Find Out More?

More info at or

For extra activities to do at home, have a look at the resources on:

There are lots of online ID guides where you can learn more about different species, such as on the Natural History Museum website:

or on the Wildlife Trusts website:

The results of the city with the most observations, species and participants will be live on Tuesday 5th May.