Glade Hill Primary and Nursery School

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Letter from Ms Sheppard

Dear Parent/Carer


You will be aware through media reports that a coronavirus variant of concern has been identified as becoming more widespread in parts of the country, including Nottingham.  We have been informed that this variant has been identified at Henry Whipple Primary School which obviously is in close proximity to Glade Hill and our community.  I have been reassured by Nottingham City’s Public Health Team that they are working closely with our colleagues at Henry Whipple and their school community.


I am writing to all Glade Hill parents to reassure you that we are all remaining vigilant in school and I would ask you to do the same in the community.  Our staff and children are working hard to remember good hygiene practice as well as staff undertaking regular testing.  Please can we remind you of the ongoing government advice regarding ‘Hands, Face, Space’ and ask you to remain socially distanced when picking up your children from school.


Please remember that if your child has any symptoms of coronavirus – a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of taste or smell – they must not attend school until you have evidence of a negative PCR test.  If anyone in your household has any of the above symptoms then everyone in the household must self-isolate until a negative PCR test has been obtained.  Please inform school of any absence and we will advise you if you need support with testing.  Schools are required to report positive cases to Public Health England and the Local Authority.


Please note that the Lateral Flow tests that are freely available can be used regularly by all families.  However, they should only be used when you do not have symptoms as an indication that you are not asymptomatic.  If your child is displaying any of the symptoms above you must book at a test centre for a full PCR test and inform school of the result.


Further advice regarding the different types of test can be obtained from


We hope that you will support us fully in ensuring that we do all we can to prevent this virus spreading and keep our families safe.


Kind Regards


Ms Sheppard

Head Teacher